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Bandipur Travel Guide

Bandipur National Park is on of the mostly explored national parks in the state of Karnataka. It’s astonishing beauty in this dense forest makes it much more renowned and glorious to discover. The national park is well managed by the government and is surrounded with awe-striking views along with Western Ghats by its side. This park is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and covers and area of 872.24 sq. km. The majestic national park today is open to all the nature lovers out there but back in the days it was a private land owned by the Maharajas who ruled the region. The place was used as hunting grounds by them.

Today, the region is mainly maintained for saving tigers and Asiatic wild elephants which are endangered. The place is highly visited by the wildlife lovers too due to the n number of species found here including the sloth bears, muggers, gaurs, jackals, four-horned antelopes and much more. You can also spot the Indian rock pythons along with sambar, flying lizard and more than 200 species of birds. The area does not only shelter the mouse deer, and chital but also is rich in diverse flora and fauna found here which attracts many tourists from around the globe. From huge timber trees to giant clumping bamboo and rosewoods, many rarely found tress are located here which makes the region shine brighter. Although elephant safari is not allowed here, you can enjoy the jeep safari and have the forest covered. Also, there are facilities like mini-bus allowed here so you can go for it too. Tourists can also now enjoy trekking if they like adventure and would like to cover the forest area on their feet.

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The deciduous forest along with being rich in wildlife is also a place where you can find peace far away from the hustle and bustle of the hectic city life. A true place where you will forget about your work pressure and can enjoy the beauty of wildlife and nature. Many bird watchers also get easily attracted to the place and you can spend a perfect sunny day here with you friends and families. Along with that if you are into photography then what can serve you better than this national park with filled green lands and picturesque landscape. The national park being located in Nilgiris, is easily reachable and being so famous you can reach the place from anywhere without putting much effort in travelling to the region. This beautiful national park is also very close to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which is again one of the famous wildlife parks to visit close by the region. It is advised to visit the national parks during the summers, to spend a nice sunny day here with your loved ones, enjoying the clear weather and nature.