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Nagarhole Travel Guide

The beautiful national parks are famous worldwide among all the wildlife lovers because of its enchanting beauty, also nature lovers cannot afford to stay away from the beauty of this national park. The wild reserve spreads around 247 square-mile long and is one of the best, well maintained national parks in India. Nagarhole name has been derived from two words in Kannada that is Nagar meaning "snake" and hole which depicts streams. Years back the park was a favourite hunting spot for the Maharajas of Mysore but now the park is a well reserved spot for wildlife and is also declared as a tiger reserve.

Tourists get highly attracted towards the place as the forest, hills, and waterfalls along with many animals and birds make it much more beautiful to visit. Animals like tiger, leopard, bear, deer, hyena and many more are found here along with four-horned antelope. Elephant, Bison and other species. The national park is also famous for the Deep forests and bamboo trees found here. Nagarhole National Park is blessed with over 250 species of avian along with aquatic animals including, crocodile, frogs, tortoise and also you will fund many colourful butterflies roaming here. Surrounded with green valleys the national park is indeed spectacular you will find rosewood, sandal wood a teak tree here too which fills the atmosphere with its delightful fragrance all around. Along with that some other species may also be found which includes golden shower tree. Some famous places nearby it include Kutta which is named after the powerful Hindu Goddess Kali and is believed that the Goddess herself visits the place and had gave birth to a child named Kutta exactly here making it very much religious and important for the worshippers.

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While visiting the national park do not forget to visit the Irppu falls here which is indeed amazing and along with that visit the Ishwara temple which is very sacred pilgrimage site. It is believed that the Shivalinga which is paced inside the temple was placed by Lord Rama and the worshippers highly visit the holy place. So, this place is not only rich in natural diversity and many species that are found here but also the pilgrimage sites and waterfalls along with dense forests is something that you should know about and visit while visiting the national park. Along with that there are many other sanctuaries which serve as a great picturesque landscape to so if you want you can keep exploring them and add them to your bucket list. Being a perfect area for Sightseeing, Nagarhole is also well organised with facilities like safari for tourists to come face to face with elephants and tigers to make their trip in the national park much more exciting and thrilling. Tourist are permitted to take pictures here and along with the vehicle safari you can have also fun with the boat safari facilities available here. The fun of boating over a clear river which is surrounded with many bushes and trees along with watching animals in the forests is something memorable for sure.