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Pench National park Travel Guide

The beautiful national park of Pench has been leafing in tourism over the years now, because of its glorious sceneries and the fact that it has saved lives of so many endangered pieces for years now.

The national park highly attracts many wildlife and nature lovers and you will come across many species here too. With the clear water of Pench river flowing here in the national park, there many rocky lands and greenery spread across it. The park was inspiration for creating the famous novel 'The Jungle Book'. Here are the amazing spots you will find here-!

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best tourists places in Pench National park

  • The Chhindimatta Road
  • Raiyakassa
  • The Sitaghat
  • The Runi Jhuni trail

The Chhindimatta Road

This part of the national park is famous for many migratory birds visiting it. The birds fly over from many regions during the monsoon season to increase the shine of the national park. The is the point dividing Madhya Pradesh from Maharashtra and being one of the biggest reservoirs found in the region, many photographers just fall in love with the place. Also, if you love bird watching then you must not miss a single chance to visit the spectacular national park. Birds like buzzards, eagles, and hawks often make an appearance here.


It is exactly located in the central part of the national park and has been renowned for serving as one of the best picturesque landscape you will find in the region. The region is also located on the banks of the Pench River banks and thus is totally a breath-taking scenario that you will find here. There are many small hills here which you can climb up easily so of you like mountain climbing then give a shot here. The watch-tower in Raiyakassa is famous for giving you a good look of the entire national park from where you can watch animals like bison, tigers, leopards and many more.

The Sitaghat

The loveliest part of the entire national park is the Sitaghat and tourist will love to spend some time here enjoying the true beauty of the nature. However, you guide will always be present with you to keep you safe in the dense jungle. The part of the park is also famous for being a place perfect to watch and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The river of Pench is also very close to the park and this tropical and grassland habitat is surely worth visiting.

The Runi Jhuni trail

If you want to experience the true beauty of the jungle then the Runi Jhuni trail is the right place for you. You would have to cross the place on for enjoying the non-polluted atmosphere of the region and by this encounter many the national park and the species leaving here too. It is a walk of 3 to 4 kms from the Karmajhiri gate. However, you will be accompanied by your guide so no worries!