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Bandhavgarh Travel Guide

Bandhavgarh was renowned in the olden times as a hunting ground which was owned by the famous Kings of Rewa who once ruled the entire region.

he Maharajas loved to spend their time in Bandhavgarh National Park and today the park is famous for being a tiger reserve. The national park is renowned for having the highest density of Bengal tigers in the entire globe. There is also a very famous fort, caves and museum located here which are some other important regions to visit here.

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best tourists places in Bandhavgarh

  • Bandhavgarh National Park
  • The Bandhavgarh Ancient Caves
  • The Bandhavgarh fort

Bandhavgarh National Park

The national park was established in 1968 covering an area of 716 square kilometres and has highest tiger park. The park is house for many leopards, white tigers, and has many hills surrounding it. It has been breeding many species and was favourite place of many Maharajas of Rewa. The name of the park was set as Bandhavgarh as the famous hill is located here which has been included in many scriptures. The hill was the very place where Hindu Lord Rama asked his brother Laxman to keep a watch on Lanka. Thus, having a great importance in the Hindu mythology, the region’s name has been taken in many holy books and thus the tourists count visiting the region keeps increasing.

The Bandhavgarh Ancient Caves

The famous caves consist of total 39 caves present on sand-stone hillocks. These caves are one of the oldest caves found in the region and traces back to 10th century. The region is blessed with these caves having embossed figures of many animals and many statues. As per some belief, the caves were used by the monks to mediate and pray. Whereas some other legends say that the caves were used by armies in the ancient time. Now these caves have become home to many animals in the national park. Nevertheless, the true traces of why the caves were used for and by whom is not known to date. However surely you should add the caves to your bucket list while visiting eh Bandhavgarh national park.

The Bandhavgarh fort

The fort is said to be 2000 years old, and is said to be constructed by rulers of the Gond Empire. The magnificent fort's construction and architecture are awe-striking and is located very close to the Vanganga stream. The breath-taking views offered by the hills surrounding the fort is totally amazing. The fort’s remaining are found in the Bamania Hill and there are many sculptures and coins tracing back to the ancient period. There are statues of Lord Vishnu which is very famous along with the Rani Talab found here. The fort showcases not only the rich historical significance of the region but also tourist love the scenic beauty that it offers and it is surely one of the most beautiful tourist attractions found in the city to date.