India Travel Guide

Everyone wants to fly like a bird. Due to this fantasy of human beings, the Wright brothers became successful in inventing aeroplanes. There are many activities which let to soak some time in the sky. Paragliding is one such activity that allows you to open up your wings in the sky.

Paragliding is one such experience soaring high like a bird with immense, vast lands underneath. If you are an adventure junkie and want to experience something thrilling, then paragliding is for you. Paragliding became popular in some recent years. Here is the list of some fantastic spots where you can fill your soul with adventure and thrill-

Bir billing: Bir billing is a small village in Himachal Pradesh which is the best site for paragliding. It has eleven paragliding sites and is the home of paragliding in India. Here paragliding is available throughout the year except for monsoon season and snowfalls days. The cost of paragliding in Bir billing is around rs. 2500.

Manali: Manali is another famous spot for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh. Marhi and Solang valley are the two spots that are most popular there. The only season when paragliding is not available in Manali is during the monsoon season. The cost of paragliding for short flights is rs 600 and for long flights is rs 1600.

Kamshet - Deccan plateau: If you are looking for a glider’s paradise, then Kamshet is the place for you. It gives a bird’s eye view. It gives immense pleasure to experience flying like a bird. You leap over tower hills and get to see the huts of the village underneath. The cost here for paragliding is around rs. 2500.

Bangalore: Do you want to glide over silicon valley? Don’t wait; just hop into the experience of paragliding in Bangalore. It recently gained the adventurous sport. The paragliding site is twenty kilometres away from the central city at Hoskote Lake. Another famous hub of paragliding is Nandi hills that is 65kms from the city at the height of 1478m above sea level. Besides paragliding, the place offers other adventures, too, like hang-gliding and para-jumping.