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Pithoragarh Travel Guide

Pithoragarh is an area in the province of Uttarakhand which fills in as a door to the powerful Himalayan reaches. It is situated in the delightful Soar Valley and is lined by the Almora region in the north.

You can edify your senses as you travel to this uninhabited, delightfully settled town of Pithoragarh in Northern India. Mothered by Uttarakhand and pampered by the Saur Valley. Being a small town, it stretches its warmth over 5 kilometres and is most famous for keeping its social and customary qualities alive until this time. The city has additionally kept its natural appeal flawlessly. As you trek your way from one sacred sanctuary to the next, which are dedicated to Lord Shiva and other heavenly divinities, you will discover more reasons to spend your get-away here amid the snow-shrouded mountains the sound of the rushing water. When done savouring the views on the captivating mountains, a sight not to miss is the glaciers and snow-capped valleys. Also, the town is a centre point for experiencing activities like paragliding and travelling, alongside being a door for the sacred Hindu journey of Kailash Mansarovar. Here is a complete trip guide for Pithoragarh for the explorers searching for an excellent voyaging experience.

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Best Tourists Places In Pithoragarh

  • Mostamanu Temple
  • Munsiyari
  • Pithoragarh Fort
  • Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Gangolihat
  • Nag Mandir

Mostamanu Temple

Mostamanu Temple is a primarily religious site situated nearby Pithoragarh Town. You can reach this sanctuary by covering a distance of 6 km by transport, and the remaining 2 kilometres can be covered by walking from the town. This sanctuary is given to the Mosta God. A fair takes place here in August-September consistently.


This spot fills in as a door to the Johar area arranged in the Himalayan reaches. This town is encompassed by the pools of Maheswar Kund and Thamri Kund. Moreover, the Gori Ganga waterway rose out of this spot. A wild blossom knoll, called the Munsiyari Bugyal, encompasses the town.

Pithoragarh Fort

The Gorkhas offered construction to this belfry which is arranged close to the suburbia of Pithoragarh. The fort holds extraordinary chronicled significance and is a tourist attraction where individuals acknowledge the picturesque visual aspect of Kali Kumaon.

Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple

Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple is a prominent shrine situated in the Soar Valley, near the Takaura and Takari towns. As per a legend, the acclaimed sage Kapil meditated at this site.


Surrounded by Saryu and Ramganga streams lies the humble community of Gangolihat, famous for various exemplary sanctums and deep caverns. One would surrender to the magnificence the town enwraps with the view on the Himalayas. The city is known for its Shakti Peetha of Haat Kalika dedicated to the mighty Kali Maa.

Nag Mandir

Make your way to the open entryways of profound chimes here in Nag Mandir. The shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva and is sculpted as a snake perched upon a hill. Throughout the year, guests assimilate in the different celebrations like Maha Shivaratri, Nag Panchami.