India Travel Guide

If you want an overwhelming experience, then mountaineering is for you. The adventure lovers and people who want an adrenaline rush should surely go mountaineering. There are so many exciting and fascinating places in India that offer mountaineering. In a country like India- a country with wast land and different physical features you can experience the adventure from mountains, sea, rivers, forest and jungles to wide-open sky and deserts. There are umpteen adventure places in India.

Don’t confuse yourself with hiking and mountaineering. Mountaineering requires more physical strength and power. Mountains have a mixture of terrain, including snow and ice, rock, and therefore mountaineers need to keep in mind before taking up mountaineering adventure. It is simply a sport of climbing a mountain. Here are some of the fascinating places in India for mountaineering

Ladakh: It is a well-known fact that Ladakh gives immense pleasure to your eyes. The eye-catching views are breathtaking. With such a beautiful landscape Ladakh is one of the famous places for mountaineering. It is one of the adventurous mountaineering sites which is for skilled trainers or professionals. Ladakh has some tricky peaks and rugged ropes that is a challenging task for beginners and faint-hearted. Stok is the most famous peak in Ladakh to explore. Climbing the mountains in Ladakh requires a lot of stamina and endurance, along with which you have to maintain your oxygen level in low atmospheric pressure.

Nanda Devi: Nanda Devi is the second highest peak in India, and for sure, mountaineering on this mountain is not for beginners. It calls for Bravehearts. Only professionals can handle the slippery and rough terrain. Mountains are also covered with snow which makes the process more challenging.

Sikkim: Sikkim is the jewel of northeast India. It is one of the exciting and popular spots for mountaineering. If you are a beginner, then the Sikkim is the right site for you. There are peaks for both beginners and professionals. It would help if you found the proper mountain for you. Enjoy the beautiful landscape while mountaineering the land of Sikkim.