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Kufri Travel Guide

Kufri is considered to be a majestic land which is made for all the nature and wildlife lovers out there. The resort hill station rules every tourist’s heart with the astonishing lush greenery spread here and much more picnic spots and parks to visit.

Also, Kufri is considered to be a place which can perfectly suit the mountain climbers and trekkers as the adventurous lands of the region is filled with mountains. So here are some of the best places in the city of Kufri which you should not miss visiting at any cost.

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best tourists places in Kufri

  • The Great Himalayan National Park
  • The Kufri Fun World
  • The Mahasu Peak
  • The Indira Tourist Park

The Great Himalayan National Park

This park is a must to visit if you ever plan a trip to Kufri. The National Park is surrounded with lush greenery and Himalayan mountains and houses some of the diverse species you will find anywhere else around the world. The park has been home to more than 180 species of birds and 375 species of Fauna now. Also, more than 31 species of mammals are found here and ever since it received the title of a national park in 1999 it has been highly visited by all the wildlife lovers.

The Kufri Fun World

It is an amusement park found in the region and ranks mostly first as the highest visited place in the city of Kufri. The amusement park is also one of the highest parks found in the entire globe and is actually situated around 2800 metres above the sea level. The Kufri fun world is famous for having the highest go kart track in the entire world and thus it is highly visited by people who love adventures. Also, the place is located in between of scenic views and picturesque landscape which indeed makes it very hard to say no and not visit this place.

The Mahasu Peak

The peak is considered to be the highest peak which is found in the city and tourists can actually have a great journey to reach the end of the peak. You can hire the horses or mules to the Mahasu peak and also to one more peak close by the place which is known as Deshu Peak. Well, it is very tough to walk up the place as the path to the peak is not much even. Enjoy the amazing view from the top of the peak and indeed it is worth spending every minute here.

The Indira Tourist Park

If you ever plan to visit the famous Himalayan National Park here in Kufri then do not forget to also visit The Indira Tourist Park which is very close to the national park. The place is well known for the local food stalls and restaurant found as well as the peaceful atmosphere is appreciated and enjoyed by many out there. Also, the park serves as a great place to relax and spend some quality time here with your family and friends.