Mizoram Travel Guide

Mizoram meaning the land of the Mizos is a picturesque region and a state which is highly known for its greenery spread regions. The splendid state is very well renowned for the astounding tourist spits found here and thus tourists from all around the world visit this state. The rich tribal culture followed by the people living here is truly alluring to know about. The state is also famous for so many bamboo products that it produces and it is rich in horticulture too. Therea are many varieties of tourist places found here and along with that this state is also cherished and known as the Songbird of India.

Being well blessed with nature’s true beauty, most of the state is covered with dense forest and greenery spread regions which will leave you amazed. The jaw dropping picturesque landscapes are well-maintained and as there are many hills and mountains found here, tourists can enjoy trekking and mountain climbing too. The north-eastern state of Mizoram is one of the smallest states in the country but it many attractive destinations for all the tourists.

The best thing about Mizoram is its climate. Mo matter how hot the other regions in India may be, but Mizoram is always blessed with a moderate climate and thus even in summers the climate is pleasant here. Many tourists love the fresh atmosphere and the amazing climate of Mizoram and thus it ranks so high in tourism as compared to other state in India. You can explore the grand festivals and amazing places found here and for entering the state, tourists will require Inner Line Pass. Enjoy the calm, serene atmosphere with lush green surroundings and beauty of the state. Visit the traditional bazars in the state try out the famous traditional dishes. Enjoy your time with these amazing cities that are must to visit in the state.

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