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Mandarmani Travel Guide

Mandarmani is a region blessed with so many beaches and some of them are not so crowded, left peaceful and some amazing resorts to stay in too.

The region is one of the best vacation spots to relax with your loved ones and has been famous for its crystal-clear water and clean beaches which are well-maintained. Serving as a best weekend gateway, Mandarmani has been also renowned among the tourists for its serene beauty and some amazing restaurant near the beaches. Here are some of the best tourist attracting places found here.

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best tourists places in Mandarmani

  • The sea beach
  • Digha
  • Tajpur
  • Udaipur

The sea beach

The beach is the main attraction in the town and is undoubtedly one of the prettiest beaches you will ever find in India. The beach is motorable for around 13kms and thus making it a longest motorable beach you will ever find and there are also many local shops, restaurants, food stalls found nearby it. The beach is not very much crowded and not all the dirty so you can really have a great sunbath or dip into the cool water enjoying the wind and waves here.


The beautiful place is located very near to the Mandarmani and is one of the best tourist destinations with beaches, parks and much more to explore. The place used to be a seaside attracting many before and now the resorts and beaches here has made the place a perfect region for relaxation. The science centre here is highly attractive and if you are into an ideal place for swimming, enjoying all the beachside sports like volleyball, water sports and amazing food then Digha is a place made for you.


What is better than a beautiful blend of dense forest with clear beach? Yes, the refreshing atmosphere in Tajpur is highly cherished by n number of tourists visiting the spot and you can reach the place within 30 mins. The beach here is majestic and you can discover the traditional nearby villages here to know more about the region. The region is famous for its tamarisk trees and red crabs found here nearby the beach. A beach blessed with forests and lush greenery is this place made for adventurous people to explore nature.


As the region is blessed with many beaches, the beach at Udaipur is a must to visit. The beach is still untouched and a long walk by the beach side is perfect during the sunrise and sunset times. The place is a gem made for people who love fresh air of beaches, loves the long waves should surely visit the place. The place is also famous for its Casuarina trees and the peaceful atmosphere here for sure. Also, for people who are finding a way out from their hectic life should surely look for Udaipur.