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Kalimpong Travel Guide

The spectacular Indian hill town in West Bengal is Kalimpong and just like other beautiful hill stations it is filled with lush greenery to enjoy.

The region is known for its huge structures which were built by the Britishers during the colonial period. Also, there are so many tourist spots found here with huge flower markets and beautiful orchards present here. Also the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery located here makes the land very sacred and also many visitors and worshippers visit the holy place.

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best tourists places in Kalimpong

  • The cactus nursery
  • The Deolo Hills
  • Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa
  • The Durpin Dara Hill

The cactus nursery

These are really hard to find and Kalimpong is renowned for the different varieties of cactus found here. The land is filled with beautiful flowers bloomed here and the nursery is famous for the exotic colourful flowers. They also export the cactus so you can order them and along with that the huge majestic display of the species just makes the place more and more worth watching. Although you will find many nurseries here but the cactus nursery is surely a delightful spot.

The Deolo Hills

There are so many hill tops found here but the Deolo hills are a perfect spot for people who love adventures, trekking and nature. The hills are located at an elevation of almost 2000 m and once you reach the top of the hill, you will love the view from there. The picturesque landscape with filled greenery and fresh air surely makes this place one of the best tourist attraction found in Kalimpong. Also, the Deolo hills are highly advised to be visited during the time of sunrise and sunset to enjoy the breath-taking view for sure..

Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa

It is also known as Durpin Monastery and was built in 1976 which was consecrated by the spiritual leader Dalai Lama. The monastery is a true example of the beautiful Buddhist architectures and has some beautiful carvings, structure and paintings here. It serves as a sample of Buddhist construction style with beautiful paintings on the walls and a holy Kunguyar serve is found here does make the monastery shine brighter. Surrounded with the hills and Himalayan ranges the beautiful monastery is surely serving a good view with peaceful atmosphere.

The Durpin Dara Hill

Another most highly visited spot in the stupendous town of Kalimpong is the Durpin Dara Hill. The Himalayan ranges here looks absolutely mind-blowing especially during the winters when the entire hilltop is covered with white snow and the valleys look spectacular. There is a very holy monastery present here which gets visited by n number of worshipers every year and it is the Zang Dhok Palri Monastery. Also, the for all the golf lovers, there is a well-maintained golf course found here along with some beautiful parks and gardens to visit. Do visit the place for getting far away from the polluted air of the cities.