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Jalpaiguri Travel Guide

Located on the banks of Teesta river, the beautiful city in West Bengal is famous for its traditional, historical significance and the region is also known as the Olive town.

Jalpai means Olive and Guri indicated places as the region is also famous for its premium-quality olives grown here. Along with that the region is blessed with abundant nature’s beauty, hilltops, national parks and picturesque landscapes which are many un touched to date. With the breath-taking scenery of the region here are some of the best places to visit when you’re in the town.

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best tourists places in Jalpaiguri

  • The Buxa Tiger Reserve
  • The Mendabari fort
  • The Murti river
  • The Gorumara National Park

The Buxa Tiger Reserve

The adorable national park with so much of lush green bushes filled in makes the place absolutely breath-taking for sure. The tiger reserve was established on 16th February 1983 covering an area of around 759 sq. km. Well, this tiger reserve was the 15th one constructed during that period and is blessed with diverse landscapes which are surely candy for eyes. Also, the rese er is unique as it allows the migration of elephants between India and Bhutan. There are around 67 species of mammals and 36 species of reptiles with many types of forests.

The Mendabari fort

The beautiful ancient fort was constructed back in 5th century and by the banks of river Baniya, it is absolutely a gorgeous sight. Many tourists just fell in love with the place as it has the rustic touch to it with many historic stories attached to it. The surrounding the greenery with an adorable neighbourhood makes this place truly spectacular and the remains of the fort will surely attract the people who love history.

The Murti river

The crystal-clear river is one of the most highly visited spots in the city as it has been covered with the thick forest, with varieties of animals found here. There are elephants, deer and much more to find here which is surely makes this place made for all the wildlife lovers out there. The cool breeze from the river is highly cherished during the summers and you might also see some rarely seen migratory birds nearby the lake. The beautiful lake is surely awesome but tourists are always advised to stay careful here as many animals come to lake for the water and it can be a bit dangerous if you try to harm them.

The Gorumara National Park

The beautiful tourists spot covers an area of 80 and is filled with foothills of Great Himalayan mountains. The variety of species found here attracts many and some of them include Bengal tigers, elephants, squirrels, giant squirrels and rhino and much more. There are also so many varieties of snakes found here and a brief information about them can be gathered here. The Gorumara national park also is home to different varieties of flora and fauna found here.