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Kanatal Travel Guide

There are not many countries globally that can offer you the diversity of different life, cultures, and landscape in one place. India is one of that country that will drown you in the colourful life of its states, offering warmth, kindness and hospitality to the travellers. Tourist is given the position of gods in India.

To enjoy the peaceful and serene views of the Himalayas, visit north India. There are many Himalayan states in the country with unique small towns in laps of the snow-laden ridges. Surprise yourself as Uttrakhand has a lot of secrets up its sleeves. One such small town in Uttarakhand is Kanatal.

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Best Tourists Places In Kanatal

  • Chamba
  • Kodia Jungle
  • New Tehri
  • Surkanda Devi Temple
  • Homestays at the village


The village is 17 km away from Kanatal and the best time to visit Chamba is between March and June. The mystic holy river Bhagirathi adds charms to the beauty of Chamba. The weather is pleasant and provides you with a glimpse of the culture and traditions of the people living in the village. People treat the travellers with their home-cooked meals and guide them to explore some hidden places. Travellers to seek happiness in acknowledging different stories of the unknown lands then this, Chamba is all yours. Chamba celebrates two fairs, namely - Minjar Mela and Suhi Mata Mela. The celebrations last for few days, offering cultural dance and music, traditional clothes, exclusive Pahari Paintings and arts and handicrafts. A Chamba excursion is a must whenever you visit Kanatal.

Kodia Jungle

Immerse yourself in the wildness of the jungle. Nature lovers and photographers must visit this place for a fantastic experience. You can feed your adventurous soul by trekking 5-6kms to the jungle. Along the way, there are many mystics, eye-catching springs. Jeep safaris are also available from Kanatal to Kodia forest. You will find many varieties of birds and animals like Musk Deer, Ghoral, Wild Boar and Kakar.

New Tehri

There are two rivers, namely - Holy Bhagirathi and the Bhilangana river. The Tehri Dam is 26.2 km from Kanatal. New Tehri is the only planned city in Uttrakhand. Tehri dam is one of the largest and highest man-made dam generating the worlds’ most significant electricity.

Surkanda Devi Temple

This Hindu temple is dedicated to the god Sati. It is 9.8 km away from Kanatal, including the easy trek of 2kms. It is elevated at 1000ft offering breathtaking views of Dehradun, Mussoorie, Chamba and Rishikesh. The temple is in the middle of the dense forest, enlightening the beauty of the place.

Homestays at the village

Get into the shoes of the villagers by staying in the mud huts. Not only the place to live but also get access to the kitchen. It will give a lifetime of an experience to live a life of villagers. Interact with the local people, know about their food and lifestyle. Explore tha village and simply revive yourself in the calmness of the place by enjoying the sunsets in the evening.