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Devprayag Travel Guide

Uttarakhand is perhaps the most beautiful northern province of India, which is prevalently known for its Hindu pilgrimage destinations. Settled in the lap of mountains, Devprayag is a town in Tehri Garhwal locale in Uttarakhand.

This strict centre point is famous among sightseers looking for isolation close to nature just as for jaunting. Besides, there are various spots to visit in Devprayag, which will help you acquire information about the historical backdrop of the site. If you need to plan a get-away to an offbeat spot in Uttarakhand, at that point, Devprayag is the place you might want to delve into.

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Best Tourists Places In Devprayag

  • Conversion Of Alaknanda And Bagirathi Rivers
  • Raghunathji Temple
  • Chandrabadani Temple
  • Dashrath Shila
  • Suspension Bridges
  • Teen Dhara

Conversion Of Alaknanda And Bagirathi Rivers

Devprayag is one of the celebrated Panch Prayag where the Bhagirathi waterway and Alaknanda stream meet to shape the mighty Ganges. In a real sense, the name ''Devprayag'' signifies ''Godly Confluence'' and is viewed as perhaps the most sacred intersection of the stream. Therefore, it is a significant spot to visit in Devprayag. This is quite possibly the most stunning attraction you will need to an observer while touring in Devprayag.

Raghunathji Temple

Raghunathji sanctuary, otherwise called Tirukantamenum Kadi Nagar, is arranged at the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi waterway intersection. The presence of the cover is anticipated to be from the tenth century and consequently is considered the most seasoned holy place of Lord Rama. Guests come here to look for the blessings of Lord Rama, possibly you would need to visit this spot as well! It usually is perhaps the best spot to stay in Devprayag.

Chandrabadani Temple

Situated at the highest point of the Chandrakoot mountain, the Chandrabadani sanctuary is devoted to Sati, the Goddess of Power. It is accepted that the torso of the Goddess Sati fell here alongside her weapons which dispersed everywhere. This sanctuary is arranged at a stature of 2277 meters above ocean level, it additionally gives an all-encompassing view on Garhwal Hills and Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Surkanda tops.

Dashrath Shila

Dashrathshila is a notable Hindu sanctum and one of the top-most places to visit in Devprayag. It is accepted that the father of Lord Ram, King Dashratha, performed retribution at this spot which resulted in the name of the sanctuary. This place of worship is settled on the banks of Shanta, a little stream named after the girl of King Dashratha.

Suspension Bridges

To get an all-encompassing view of the juncture of the waterways, one must visit suspension bridges in Devprayag. A brief look at Devprayag from these extensions will make you enchanted, making it an ideal vacation destination.

Teen Dhara

One of the other destinations to visit close to Devprayag is Teen Dhara which is arranged on the connecting highway of Devprayag and Rishikesh. The name has been procured from the three little water lakes close by. The spot is notable for its dhabas and cafés, which provide delicious food and beautiful views that'll help you loosen up and revitalize yourself.