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Champawat Travel Guide

Are you a person consumed with wanderlust? Set your soul free and travel to unknown lands. It will make you modest, speechless and a storyteller. Thousands of people make trips and travel across the country, but few are curious to explore the mysterious, hidden places.

They want to know about people behaviours living in different parts of the world, their cultures and traditions, their lifestyle, their food and much more. Uttrakhand is a state in India that is surrounded by the charm of the great Himalayas.

There are many hidden village gems in Uttrakhand that you would like to explore. One such village is Champawat. The place doesn’t have many excursion places, but the weather, scenic view and the warmth of the people will always bring you back here. If you are willing to stay away from the noisy surroundings of the city, then bury yourself in the peacefulness and solitude of the place.

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Best Tourists Places In Champawat

  • Abbott Mount Church
  • Pancheswar Dams
  • Patal Rudeshwar
  • Kranteshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Banasur Ka Kila
  • Lohaghat

Abbott Mount Church

It is located in the Kali Kumaon region in the Champawat region, built-in 1942 by Mr Abbott in the memory of his loving wife. The church has been abandoned for a long time, and a myth is believed in people living in the village that the spirits run free here. This old rustic church stands at the height of 6,400 ft above sea level.

Pancheswar Dams

It is located at the Indo-Nepal borders, also known as the Mahakali dam in Nepal. It is one of the highest dams in the world and the second-largest producer of electricity. In 2014, the Nepal government and the Indian government signed an MoU for the significant progress of the dam. Therefore current;y the dam is under construction. This rockfill dam is on the confluence of the Mahakali and Sarda rivers.

Patal Rudeshwar

This is a 40 m long cave with 18 m width, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva attained salvation hereafter, meditating for several years. After that, many other saints and sages visited the cave and meditated to achieve salvation. A large number of devotees are allured by this cave and seeks the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Kranteshwar Mahadev Temple

The architectural style of the temple mind blowing. It is devoted to Lord Shiva, locally known as Lord Kandev and Lord Kurmapad. They seek the blessing of the lord, and devotees offer milk, curd and ghee.

Banasur Ka Kila

Banasur ka Kila is 7 Kms from Champawat which includes 2 Kms of trek. There is an interesting mythological story behind this kila which was built in the fond memory of Banasur.


Lohaghat is a hidden valley located 7kms from Mount Abbott and 13kms from Champawat. This undiscovered valley has been able to maintain its charm and splendour for centuries. The beauty outstands other valleys across the place. Why go to Kashmir when you can experience the immense love of the mountains in Lohaghat? It has historical and mythological importance and offers enormous pleasure, picturesque view and natures’ love.