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Chakrata Travel Guide

Chakrata is situated at 2,118 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by coniferous forests that are a part of the Himalayan range. This place has a lot many spots to visit for tourists. The scenic cantonment hill station is ideal to spend some serene time with nature that would be away from the city life.

It is located in the terrains of Uttarakhand. The tourist places in Chakrata are surely exploratory and adventurous in nature. You will surely get mesmerised into the serene gardens of the Ram Tal or will ponder over the mysteries of Budher caves. There are many activities like camping in the wilderness of Hathni Kund, bird watching in delightful Tiger Falls and submerging in the river for the tourists to enjoy. While rafting at Yamuna Adventure Park you can experience the beauty of nature all around. Chakrata has a lot of opportunities for photographers to spend their time at. The locations are unique and totally outstanding. Chakrata is a great destination to experience for all the tourists.

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Best Tourists Places In Chakrata

  • Kanasar – Camping And River Rafting
  • Tiger Falls – Best for trekking
  • Deoban – Birds and wildlife

Kanasar – Camping And River Rafting

A lot of tourists go from Dehradun to Chakrata. For them, Kanasar is a heavenly destination. Camping in Kanasar is one of the exhilarating experiences to have. You can surely bring your own tents and other camping equipment to this place. Many Kanasar camps provide luxury tents and all basic amenities on their own. Such camping packages become a good deal for the tourists as they need not worry about stay or food. Also, there are a few adventure activities, such as rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, and river rafting in Kanasar for the visitors to experience.
Other than camping in Kanasar, tourists can involve in adventure activities like nature walks and bonfires. Also, stargazing is an all-time favourite activity for hill station campers and tourists.

Tiger Falls – Best for trekking

Tiger falls is a popular attraction in Chakrata among tourists. It is also a nice enjoyable picnic spot. For the tourists, the path to the falls has a small trek of 5 km. After reaching this place, you will witness spectacular deodar vegetation and a breathtaking waterfall. The fall would be cascading down the hill to form a small pond at the bottom. You may even enjoy the tranquillity of the falls and the surroundings by doing a small picnic beside the pond with family and friends. If you are looking for peace of mind then this is the place to visit in Chakrata.

Deoban – Birds and wildlife

Deoban is about 13 km from Chakrata. It is one of the highest viewpoints that are located at an elevation of 2200 m. It is basically surrounded by dense deodar forests. This place offers a captivating view of snow-covered peaks and lofty ranges. It is indeed one of the most famous places for tourist attractions from all over the world. One of the exciting and interesting things to do there is to watch different types of birds and wildlife.

Do visit this exceptional natural beauty and spend a peaceful time with your friends and family.