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Vrindavan Travel Guide

A hometown of Lord Krishna, his birthplace, Vrindavan is filled with childhood memories, love, and Raas Leela of God. Lord Krishna’s divine love Radha is enraptured beautifully in the small town of Vrindavan.

The cities of Vrindavan and Mathura have a deep and immense significance among the people of India. Vrindavan is one of the most magnificent religious destinations in India. The city looks vibrant and beautiful during the Hindu festivals of Lord Krishna’s birthday known as Janmashtami and on Holi which is known as the festival of colours.

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Best Tourists Places In Vrindavan



Govind Deo Temple is one of the most significant tourist attractions in Vrindavan. It was constructed by the King of Amber, Raja Man Singh in the year 1590. The architecture of this temple is very unique as it is an amalgamation of both the Hindu, Muslim and modern style. It is completely made of red sandstone.The temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Krishna, whose other name is Govind. The stairs in the temple will lead you to the main hall whose ceiling has a lotus design which is completely hand sculpted. This temple is really popular amongst the tourists from all over the world.
The timings for visiting the temple are morning 8:00 am till noon at 12:30 pm and again from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the evening.


Prem Mandir is one of the largest temples to visit in Vrindavan. It is the temple of love and is completely dedicated to the worship of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. The temple is newly constructed, its foundation stone was laid in 2001. Prem Mandir is spread over a 54 acres of land.
The walls of the temple are decorated with beautiful paintings depicting the Radha and Krishna leela’s depiction. Around eighty panels on the wall are hand-painted. The inner sanctum of the temple has the deities of Krishna and Radha on the ground floor and the first floor is dedicated to Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. The Prem Mandir is encircled by a huge garden that has multiple flowering plants, fountains, and lights. There are also number of statues of the gods and goddesses in the gardens. The most popular one out of them all is of Rasa Leela.
The temple also organizes a light show every evening for the visitors. It takes places in the evening from 7:30 until 8:00 in the night. The visiting hours for the visitors is 5:30 am in the morning till 12:00 pm and 4:30 pm until 8:30 pm in the evening.


Kesi Ghat is a most visited ghats in Vrindavan, it is situated at the banks of the Yamuna. This is one of the spots the is meant for the tourists and religious devotees to visit early in the morning. It is believed that Lord Krishna took a dip in the water after killing the demon named Keshi. Henceforth, this spot becomes one of the most unique places to see in Vrindavan. The tourists could also undertake a boat ride at this ghat.
You can visit this ghat anytime in the day from morning 6:00 am till night at 8:00 pm.
Vrindavan is not only a religious place but exceptionally beuatiful place dedicated to the Lord krishna. Its sacred tourist spots are popular amongst the world tourists. Do visit this magnificent place.