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Meerut Travel Guide

Are you planning your next vacation with family or a weekend getaway with your friends? Well, Meerut can be a good option for you as it boasts beautiful tourist attractions spread in the city. A fantastic city in the province of Uttar Pradesh, Meerut is an old city with progress that traces back to the Indus Valley.

It is roughly 65 Km from the capital city of Delhi. Meerut is a city with tremendous authentic importance as it assumed an indispensable part in the 1857 revolt. Meerut has a long history related to it as Kauravas Empire, Hastinapur was a piece of the city. One of the most significant Cantonment regions is found in Meerut. The Gazzak, scissors and assortment of sports merchandise of Meerut are extremely popular. The city is additionally famous as the centre of the games of India.

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Best Tourists Places In Meerut

  • Augharnath Mandir
  • Draupadi's Kitchen
  • Bhole ki Jhaal
  • Shapir

Augharnath Mandir

The Augharnath Mandir has played a particular part during the battle for freedom and, all the more significantly, the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. During the British standard, the Indian armed force was called 'Kali Paltan' (dark armed force). Because of its vicinity to the military dormitory, it became known as the 'Kali Paltan Mandir.' The managing god of the temple arose all alone. Nearby stories uncover that the 'Shiva-linga' gracing the mandir showed up all alone. This is a wonder that has been drawing in lovers of Lord Shiva since the time of its origin. The neighbourhood ministers even say that the incomparable Maratha rulers offered their deference before continuing their triumph parades. Every last bit of this holy place is absorbed history that has seen the battle of noted political dissidents and has also been a significant upset shocking the basic foundations of British capture in India.
Nonetheless, up to this point, the sanctuary just had a small design, encircled by an enormous bunch of trees and a close-by well that extinguished the thirst of the political dissidents. The temple is presently positioned in a great complex worked with current engineering. There is likewise a hexagonal lobby to perform strict functions. Do recognize the 4.5 kg gold plated Pitcher built at the tower of the temple

Draupadi's Kitchen

Pleasantly positioned on the banks of River Buriganga, Draupadi's Kitchen is an excellent landmark in Meerut. There is an acclaimed tale that Pandavas spouse, Draupadi, used to prepare food here for the entire family. Master Krishna additionally visited this spot when Pandavas were remaining in Hastinapur during their outcast. Lord Krishna requested some food on his visit, and Draupadi didn't have anything to bring to the table. By then, Krishna made a miracle vessel that could give an unhindered stock of scrumptious food in Draupadi's kitchen. Right now, it is a celebrated cookout spot contiguous to the Draupadi Ghat. For history enthusiasts, it is an exciting spot.

Bhole ki Jhaal

A huge dam in Meerut, Bhole ki Jhaal is liable for satisfying the city's power needs. Individuals in enormous numbers come here as it is a celebrated outing where travellers and local people get together to appreciate the tranquillity and flawlessness of this spot. Numerous food stalls are set up there in the evening where one can understand and enjoy local dishes. Individuals think of it as a most loved spot to unwind here. There is no charge for this spot. A temple of Lord Shiva in a close area is likewise an absolute necessity travel spot here. Individuals can alike enjoy swimming here as the water isn't intense here.


Shapir or Shahpeer Sahab ki Dargah is a tomb in Meerut built during Mughal Era by the sovereign, Noor Jahan. It was worked in 1628 to respect a nearby Muslim Hazrat Shahpeer, who is supposed to be the instructor of Emperor Jahangir and doctor/counsellor to the queen. The garden and neighbouring columns make Shapir an exciting area around there. The landmark is made of distinct red stones that present an appealing look in the evening sky. There is a fair held here every year during the long stretch of Ramadan, and countless individuals accumulate here for having prayers on significant days.