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Kanpur Travel Guide

Kanpur offers an interesting amalgamation of sights and sounds. It is a bustling city that has a lot of history involved.

It has amazing spiritual monuments and historical reminders of the Great Mutiny to exciting modern recreational spaces. There is a lot to discover in this most populous city of Uttar Pradesh. There are some beautiful places in Kanpur that make it a place to visit by tourists from all over the world.

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Best Tourists Places In Kanpur



Allen forest zoo is also known as the Kanpur Zoological Park. It is a wonderfully landscaped area that is spread over more than 70 acres. It is the largest zoo in North India. Chimps, leopards, rhinos, and tigers are some of the animal’s attraction in this area. Visitors can visit the botanical garden and see some moments by the lake. The aquarium located within the zoo is another highlight that people love seeing. Apart from this, you can spend hours wandering in the open space and soaking in some of the peaceful surroundings.


An old Juggilal Kamlapat Temple which is also known as Shri Radhakrishna Temple is indeed a sight to look at. It is the most unique places to see in Kanpur. The temple houses five shrines in separate towers. The temple has an old vernacular style of temple architecture. The main shrine in the temple is dedicated to Lord Radhakrishna. The others shrines are the idols of Lakshminarayana, Ardhanarishwar, Namadeshwar, and Hanuman. The high roof and the interiors are constantly having a lot of natural light coming in. Do visit this place for a spiritual awakening.


If you are looking for a peaceful place to visit within the city, then a visit to the Moti Jheel is a must. This rectangular lake was built during the times of the British in order to provide water to the city. After some years, a recreational space with a park for children and a landscaped garden was built. These days, Moti Jheel comes amongst the top 10 places to visit in Kanpur, especially if you are travelling with kids and family. You’ll definitely be having an amazingly enjoyable time.


One of the most endearing towns in Kanpur city is Bithoor town. It is an old settlement located on the bank of the Ganges. It is a very well-known spiritual hub and attracts millions of Hindu pilgrims on daily basis. The Brahmavart and Patthar Ghats are meant to take the holy dips. Another landmark of Bithoor is the Valmiki Ashram where Sita Devi believed to have stayed during her exile. One of the major places to visit here is a replica of Mount Kailash where Lord Shiva and Parvati were residing. Bithoor is also where Nana Sahib was born, he was one of the main rebels of 1857.
Do visit Kanpur to knowing the historic traditions of the city. It is a place that has tranquillity and beautiful places to visit with family and friends.