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Etawah Travel Guide

Etawah is the city on the banks of the Yamuna River in the province of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the convincing central command of Etawah District & is around 160 kilometers west of Kanpur. This city was the essential community for the Indian Rebellion of the year 1857.

In addition, it is the place which is known as Sangam (conversion) among Yamuna & Chambal. The noticeable Hindi author Gulabrai was the local of this city. Etawah was recognized for its handloom items – the majority of them are altered over into control looms because of the appearance of better innovation. The term Etawah is gotten from the burner of blocks – it has a huge number of blocks that focus between its limits.
The individuality of Etawah Safari Park lies in the way which while at other such places creatures remain confined & the voyagers move totally in the territory. While in the Etawah Lion Safari, people will move in confined ways while lions & different creatures are seen moving completely in the wilderness. The Lion Safari that is for the most part being produced to give the substitute home to Asiatic lions that are currently restricted just to the Gir Forests in Gujarat will similarly include the Lion Breeding Center.

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Best Tourists Places In Etawah

  • Etawah Safari Park
  • National Chambal Sanctuary
  • Sarai Nawar Wetland

Etawah Safari Park

The individuality of Etawah Safari Park lies in the fact that while at other such places animals remain caged & the tourist move freely in the area. While in Lion Safari in Etawah, individuals will move in caged paths while lions & other animals are seen moving freely in the jungle. The Etawah Safari Park which is essentially being developed to offers the alternate home to the Asiatic lions which are now limited only to the Gir Forests in Gujarat will also feature a Lion Breeding Centre.

National Chambal Sanctuary

The place is spread from Etawah to Agra districts. There are a total of approx. 291 different species of migratory & resident birds that have been identified in the region so far. And, winter is the top time to visit this sanctuary. But, the major draw of the sanctuary is flamingoes which reach here in November & stay till the May end. The Rudy Shelduck arrives a little earlier in September and stays till May end. The Indian Skimmers a huge colony in the sanctuary & breed frequently at this sanctuary.

Sarai Nawar Wetland

It is a small wetland and on the route to Saman Wildlife Sanctuary in the Etawah District of Uttar Pradesh. The place comprises two small lakes which attract White Ibis, Sarus Cranes, & other water birds in large numbers. It has a wide population of vulnerable species of the Sarus Cranes, which are the world’s tallest flying birds. Ten Sarus Crane pairs breed here frequently which is more than twice the number of breeding pairs in the bird sanctuary of Bharatpur, Rajasthan. In winters, almost more than forty thousand migratory birds from the northern arc that visit Sarsai Nawar wetland.