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Agartala Travel Guide

Agartala is one of the enchanting urban communities in Tripura, India. Being the capital of one of the Seven Sister States, Agartala is extraordinary in its specific manner. Because of the explanation that it's unique concerning the wide range of various urban areas, vacationers discover Agartala quite intriguing. Likewise, it is an ideal mixture of regular excellence and history.

Directly from appreciating the incredible sight of Neermahal to getting dusk at Jampui Hills, you can accomplish such a great deal on your excursion to this stunning city. At whatever point you plan your visit to Northeast India, ensure you incorporate Agartala into your rundown as it has the right to be on the highest point of the spots to visit. Even though it is difficult to list every one of them, we have handpicked some must-visit sites for your trip to Agartala.

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Best Tourists Places In Agartala

  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • Neermahal Palace
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Jampui Hill
  • Gandacherra Wildlife Sanctuary

Ujjayanta Palace

The castle is one of the fundamental spots to visit in Agartala. The regal royal residence is situated at the center of Agartala. This royal residence was inherent in the year 1901. The fundamental fascination of this royal residence is the grand tile floors and flawless entryways. Rabindranath Tagore was the regular guest of this royal residence, and "Ujjjayanta" was the title given by him. There are public lobbies, darbars, and libraries in the royal residence. Until 2011, this castle filled in as the gathering place for the Agartala Legislative Assembly. But now, this castle is fundamentally utilized as a historical center and tourist place of Agartala. This castle is spread over 28 hectares of land, includes a few sanctuaries as well.

Neermahal Palace

Neermahal, or the "Lake Palace of Agartala", is the most significant royal residence in the Indian Subcontinent. The encompassing lakes and yards add more excellence to this castle. Going through an evening here can be hypnotizing as you can be a piece of the sound and light show coordinated here. The show assists individuals with finding the social legacy of both the castle and its proprietors. This fabulous royal residence is the ideal combination of Hindu and Muslim compositions. The development, for the most part, includes sandstone and marble. The royal residence is separated into two sections: the Andar Mahal, and the other part is the outdoor theatre.

Jagannath Temple

Constructed by the Maharaja of Agartala, this sanctuary is very celebrated among individuals. It was built during the nineteenth century, situated on the ground of the Ujjayanta castle ground. This sanctuary is dedicated to Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra. The foundation of this sanctuary is octagonal. The pyramidal constructions of this sanctuary are the principal fascination for the sightseers. Rath Yatra is the main celebration of this spot, and many believers accumulate here during this festival.

Jampui Hill

Jampui Hill has been given an appellation of 'eternal hills of spring', and it properly satisfies its title, and the environment stays wonderful consistently. It is located at a rise of 3000 feet from the ocean level. Aside from the lovely climatic condition, the lavish green timberlands and orange nursery all make it a spot worth visiting. The slope is home to numerous ancestral towns and ancestral communities. There is an all-encompassing sight spot, journeying spots, exploring the towns, lakes, and calming nature, you have many choices here to explore and encounter.

Gandacherra Wildlife Sanctuary

This charming haven is a home of uncommon types of birds and creatures. A few lakes encompass this asylum, and if you need, you can choose drifting on the lakes. One can spot mammals like bison, tiger, and wild horses here without much of a stretch. If exploring wildlife has been one of your side interests, this is the best where you can run over different sorts of wild creatures.