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Yercaud Travel Guide

Yercaud is the hill station town in the Salem district of Tamilnadu. The hill ranges houses with verdant peaks, waterfalls, lakes, gardens and beautiful landmarks. Green lush greens and the dense forest fills the town throughout. From the top of the ranges, tourists can witness the top triangular view of mother nature’s features.

It is a great vacation spot to provide us with the joy of a loving heart. The loop road from Salem leads us to Yercaud, spreading the breeze and essence of the forest. The occupation of the people mainly depends on a coffee plantation and the cultivation of spices. Tourists visit to grace the blessings of nature only in seasons. Spices from Yercaud are familiar around the state. Most visitors buy coffee powder and natural cosmetics of Yercaud available in the local shops. Here is a most visited place of the tourists that gives an overview to planning the tour.

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Best Tourists Places In Yercaud

  • Yercaud Lake
  • 32-Km Loop Road
  • Pagoda Point
  • Silk Farm and Rose Garden
  • Bear Caves

Yercaud Lake

This lake provides panoramic views of the hills, and green lawns surround it. Flower gardens and long wooded trees around this lake give a pleasing and tranquil experience. It is the greatest gift and solitude place for nature lovers and tourists who wish to set their minds. The shops around the lake sell eateries that exhibit the real taste of Tamilnadu. The intelligent and freshly cultivated species give a delicious taste and excellent cuisine to the visitors. Boating provides the family with enthusiasm and a complete exploration of the lake. The dark blue colour of the water and the statuesque beauty of the forest offers a fabulous boating experience. The lake giving an incredible experience was situated in the heart of the hill station.

32-Km Loop Road

It is the road in the middle of the hill station giving a smell of moisture, the essence of watered leaves and imprints of the heritage. Coffee plantation and thick bamboo forests form the road boundary providing proof for the varied developments of the hill station. A wide variety of flora and fauna covers the journey through the road, having us connected with nature. This loop road stretch provides one with various flavours of a bygone era, revealing that the hill station has retained its heritage. From the road, you can view the lifestyle and culture of the local people. It is the pathway from Semmantham, Nagaur, Manjakuttai and Kaveri Peak villages. The aroma of tender coffee beans tempts your tongue to taste the sensing varieties of coffee.

Pagoda Point

It is the view to experience the grandeur of the hill station from one place. It provides solace and tranquillity to the mind. Here is the best way to view the captivating and picturesque views of the hill station. It gives the sprawling outlook of the town enchanting a perfect picture ambience. The essence of the dense forests and the foggy climate apt for the views from the point. It exposes charm to the visitors and mesmerises them with its majestic appearance. The sound of nature here ushers its beauty and transforms the trip into heaven. The floating clouds on the overhead will bind the visitors besides all endowments of this point.

Silk Farm and Rose Garden

It is a sightseeing point located two kilometres from Yercaud and an offbeat destination for travellers. It is a beautiful feast for history seekers who are eager to know about Tamilnadu. No tourists can miss visiting this place. To learn more about silk and silk production techniques, one should visit the silk farm for sure. It is one of the traditional arts of Yercaud, the practice of silkworm breeding and obtaining silk from the cocoons. The farmers around the hill station are well versed in this culture. As a queen of flowers, it enchants and provides aromatic glee with attractive texture for aspiring horticulture enthusiasts.

Bear Caves

Bear caves have their location near Norton’s Bungalow and the way that leads to Lord Murugan temple. According to the name, bears created the caves. The local people reveal the astonishing truth that the cave also served as a secret hideout and escape route of ruler Tipu Sultan. There are several fallen rocks and boulders that block the cave from exploring. But the tourists’ interest pushes them away and breaks the barrier.

Apart from all these places, there are many more to love and explore in Yercaud, like Kottachedu Teak forest, Kiliyur waterfall, Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple and Tipperary viewpoint. The Grange, Deer park, Lady’s seat, Anna park, Orchidarium, Annamalaiyar Temple, the Servaroyan temple, Norton’s Bungalow, Sri Chakra Mahameru and Karadiyur viewpoint are the other tourist attractions. Tourists will indeed have a rejuvenated and revitalised feel after this tour.