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Tiruchirappalli Travel Guide

It is one of the fabulous districts in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. Here is the fourth largest city in Tamilnadu. Srirangam was before an island but now emerged into this city. It is also one of the oldest inhabited city in India. Cholas found the city during their reign, and Uriayur is their capital which is the neighbour of Trichy. This place played the central role in the Carnatic wars between the British and the french. The west of the town is the beginning of the Cauvery delta.

It is also the educational and industrial hub of Tamilnadu, which houses national institutions and heavy industrial units. So that the city holds the title of “Energy Equipment and Fabrication Capital of India.” It is in the geographic centre of the state. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people out of the town. This place is famous for exporting international brand cheroot allies Trichinopoly cigar to the United Kingdom in the ninth century. It is the major two-tier city that got the name as best liveable city and cleanest city. It is the fifth safest city in India for women. Let us see some tourist hub in Trichy.

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Best Tourists Places In Tiruchirappalli

  • Kallanai Dam
  • Rockfort Ganapathi Temple
  • Srirangam
  • Kolli Hills
  • Brahmapureeswarar Temple

Kallanai Dam

It is also known as the Grand Anicut. The dam is an antiquated built across the river, Kaveri. Chola king Karikalan built the dam in the second century. It is one of the oldest standing dams in the world. It exhibits the astonishing engineering techniques of the people of the time. As it is simple constructed for water flow, all the surprise lies in its construction technique. Here is the inspiration for the recently built dams due to the mysterious approach behind them. Thousands of agriculturists live depending on the water from the dam. Karikalan constructed the dam two thousand years ago using rough stones to support the dam’s structure. Foreign traveller surprise on looking at the exquisite design of the dam. It offers peace and tranquillity amidst the serene beauty of nature. There is a park near the dam to enhance kids.

Rockfort Ganapathi Temple

It got the name due to its unique design. The fort temple has a separate history in Tamil religion and Indian Independence. This temple holds a huge rock that is even older than the Himalayan Mountains. Pallavas started building the temple in the seventh century. But the Nayaks designed it as the fort looking at its position. The regiment took a prominent place in the Carnatic wars, leading to the foundation of the British empire in India. It took climbing three hundred, and forty-four steps carved out of the rock to reach the main temple, which gives the panoramic view of the city. The primary deity, Thayumanaswamy, is in the form of LingamThere are three presiding deities in the temple: Lord Shiva in Thayumanavar and Lord Ganesha in the form of Ucchi Pillayar and Maanikka Viunayagar. Manikka Vinayagar, the patron shrine of the temple, is at the foothill. Ucchi Pillayar is the more miniature statue housed at the top of the hill. Thayumanavar is the biggest of all in the mid of fort hill.


It houses the famous temple of Tamilnadu, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. It exhibits the architectural skills of the Dravidian people. The temple contains a hall with nearly a thousand well-decorated pillars built during the Vijayanagara period. Ranganatha, Lord Vishnu, is the presiding shrine of the temple with his consort, Goddess Lakshmi, as Ranganayaki. The Rajagopuram is the tallest gopuram in India. There are nine sacred pools and a gold temple tower over the presiding deity. The temple grandly commemorates special poojas and festivals. It is the most significant functional temple in the world. This temple occupies an unshaken place in religious myth and history. The temple constitutes twenty-one colourfully sculpted surrounding Gopurams with a royal temple tower.

Kolli Hills

Here is a beautiful paradise slightly far away from the town located between Namakkal and Trichy. It offers an adventure trip of crossing more than fifty hairpin bends to reach the top. It got the name after the Goddess Ettukai Amman. The place houses the beautiful Puliyancholia falls, Agaya Gangai falls, Seekuparai viewpoint, Selur Nadu viewpoint, Arapaleeswarar temple, Siddhar caves, Botanical garden, and Masila falls. There are three reserved forests, including Kundur Nadu, Puliyancholia and Ariyur Solai. The government built a boathouse to enhance the travellers. Pineapple research farm here organises an annual festival. Ori festival is the grandly celebrated occasion here. The Puliyancholai falls receive a massive influx of visitors as it offers tranquillity and solitude to the mind and soul. Agaya Ganga falls a perfect place for trekking. Tourists can reach the waterfalls climbing a thousand steps.

Brahmapureeswarar Temple

It is in Tirupattur, a small village near Tiruchi. Lord Brahmapureeswarar, in the form of Swayambu Lingam, is the presiding god of the temple. Histories reveal that the Lingam changed the destiny of Lord Brahma. This temple houses the large shrine of Brahma in a meditative pose with his signature lotus flower. People believe that the devotee seeking his blessing in the temple can change their fate. The temple has twelve separate statues of Lord Shiva in various forms. Monday and Thursday poojas are very special in the temple. The temple grandly commemorates other annual festivals. It holds the shrine of Goddess Parvati amidst the place.

Besides the top places, there are more excellent places in Trichy to Visit. Mukkombu is a charming place for kids. Vekkali Amman Temple, Viralimalai Murugan Temple, Thiruvanaikoil Temple, Varahi Amman temple, St.Joseph’s church, St.John’s Church, Gunaseelam, Thiruvermbur and Vayalur Subramanya Swamy are other places of religious places in tourist interest. The list goes by when exploring the spots around Trichy. Railways and Roadways are the cheapest modes of transport. Make sure that your camera is with you to click the beautiful scenes. Buy famous articles to make them memorable.