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Thiruchendur Travel Guide

Thiruchendur is a small yet wonderful town situated in the Thoothukudi region in the southern Indian province of Tamil Nadu state. Well known for its temple committed to Lord Murugan, Thiruchendar is a mainstream explorer destination situated in the Gulf of Mannar.

Venturing out to Thiruchendur is additionally genuinely simple as the town is very much associated by street. The closest air terminal is the Tuticorin Airport which is at a distance of 27 km from Thiruchendur. Thiruchendur is additionally associated with Tirunelveli Junction by rail, which is associated with all significant urban communities of India. Assuming you are keen on history and strict the travel industry, Thiruchendur is an unquestionable must-visit destination.
Thiruchendur encounters a moderate environment consistently. October to March offers reasonable conditions for vacationer exercises and journeys. June to September is a fun time for temple exploration and short visits.

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Best Tourists Places In Thiruchendur

  • Thiruchendur Murugan Temple
  • Panchalamkurichi Fort
  • Valli's Cave

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is quite possibly the most regarded spot in south India. Found right on the seashore of Tuticorin District, it draws in a large number of enthusiasts over the year, offering appreciation to the in-house divinity of Lord Murugan, the Tamil form of Lord Kartikeya. The holy place has a fascinating history established in the legend of Lord Murugan's first fight, which was additionally the reason for his introduction to the world. The holy place has various celebrations when fans can contribute to the god, the most significant and mainstream one being the Skanda celebration during October-November denoting the triumph in the skirmish of Thiruchendur. It is one of only a handful of holy places in India with different structures and symbols of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva together. Being situated inside 200 meters of the ocean, it is a supernatural occurrence that the temple premise is rarely overflowed - not in any event, during the Tsunami.

Panchalamkurichi Fort

Panchalamkurichi Fort, otherwise called the Kattabomman Memorial Fort, is a celebrated notable fascination situated at Salikulam. The legends say that this fort was built in the eighteenth century by the Panchalamkurichi King Veera Pandya Kattabomman, a Palay-karra of the Madurai Nayak realm. The fort is related to a few political dissidents and rulers. In 1799, the British had obliterated the fort in the conflict when King Veera Pandya Kattabomman was detained by the British. His sibling recovered the fortification from the British. After Independence, the Archeological Survey of India keeps up the fortress. In 1974, the Tamil Nadu Government assembled another fort in memory of the Panchalamkurichi fortification and named it the Kattabomman Memorial Fort. The fortification likewise houses a sanctum devoted to the familial goddess of Kattabomman, Goddess Jakkammal, inside its premises. It is an absolute necessity visit for history enthusiasts.

Valli's Cave

Valli's Cave, otherwise called Dattatreya's cavern, is one of the mainstream destinations of Thiruchendur. It is situated on the coastline towards the northern piece of the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple, underneath the Sandston. It sides the ocean and is a wondrous sight. The cavern houses two pictures of Lord Murugan's consorts Valli and Dattatreya. It has a stone mandapam which comprises 16 columns that are around 24 and a half feet long and 21 and a half feet expansive. Old carvings, pictures, and artistic creations which portray the narratives of Lord Murugan and Valli can likewise be found in the cavern.
A wholehearted devotee of Lord Murugan ought to visit this city. Plan your next vacation to this fantastic city of temples in Tamil Nadu.