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Rameshwaram Travel Guide

In Tamil Nadu, the coastline town of Rameshwaram is critical for being the spot in India that is nearest to adjoining Sri Lanka. It sits on Pamban Island in the Gulf of Munnar, essentially off the Indian landscape at the tip of the Indian Peninsula. Indeed, the word Rameshwara signifies "the place where Rama loved Eswara", and apparently, this is where the spot gets its name. Rameshwaram is additionally a famous journey objective. The city is associated with the remainder of the country through the celebrated Pamban channel. Rameshwaram is viewed as one of the sacred spots of the Hindus and an absolute necessity during the Char Dham Yatra or the holy journey.

Rameshwaram had played a significant part throughout the entire existence of India, mainly when included in the exchange with different nations. The island was a makeshift point for those heading out to Sri Lanka past Ceylon. The Jaffna Kingdom guaranteed control of the town, and the illustrious administration of Jaffna called themselves Sethukavalan or the caretakers of Rameshwaram. Indeed, even the Khilji group of Delhi is related to the historical backdrop of Rameshwaram. The general of the multitude of Alauddin Khilji went to the town, and surprisingly the multiplicity of the Pandyas couldn't stop him. To stamp his appearance, the general constructed the Alia al-Din Khalji mosque in Rameshwaram. The inundation of numerous societies can, in any case, be seen in Rameshwaram, the everyday customs of the nearby populace just as in the design of the structures.

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Best Tourists Places In Rameshwaram

  • Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple
  • Agnitheertham
  • Water Bird Sanctuary
  • Adam's Bridge
  • Dhanuskodi Beach

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple is a handful of sanctuaries on the planet developed with Dravidian style design. The roof is shrouded in bright kamalam lotus artistry. Ramanathaswamy Temple is terrific because it has two lingams (images of Lord Shiva). One was brought from the Himalayas by Lord Hanuman upon Ram's solicitation, and the difference was made out of the sand by Sita when deferred the appearance of that lingam.


This incredible spot is among the 64 sacrosanct showers in the country. Agni Theertham structures a vital piece of Rameshwaram Tourism and is accepted to free you of your transgressions with a dunk in its blessed waters. It is likewise the spot utilized for performing strict ceremonies like those for the dead precursors, for their tranquillity.

Water Bird Sanctuary

The Water Bird Sanctuary situated here offers you a lovely reprieve from sanctuary bouncing. A superb place to Visit in Rameshwaram sees local and transient birds, particularly from October to March when they show up here to raise and take care of their young ones. Giving a fantastic Thing to Do in Rameshwaram for nature darlings, the recreation centre offers you the possibility of satisfying birdwatching.

Adam's Bridge

Adam's Bridge, famously known as Rama Setu, is a generally acclaimed connection which associates the island of Rameshwaram in India with that of the North-west shore of Sri Lanka. A far and wide organization of limestone sandbars start from Dhanushkodi, at the tip of Pamban Island.

Dhanuskodi Beach

Lying on the southern tip of this holy city, Dhanushkodi is one of a famous seashore/place of interest. It is encircled by the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean on both sides. When a flourishing town, it was vacant after the tempest of 1964 and is currently simply the home to somewhere in the range of 500 anglers and their families, prompting it to be pronounced like the - Ghost Town by the public authority.