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Pollachi Travel Guide

Being the headquarter state of Tamil Naidu, Pollachi is the best place where people can enjoy and make the most out of it. It is a town along with the municipality that is very close to the foothills of the western ghats of Tamil Nadu.

All the ones having love for the pictures and want to create the best memory should not give a second thought if they are planning to visit here. Just near Coimbatore, it is the most important commercial centre of all time.

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Best Tourists Places In Pollachi

  • Aliyar Dam
  • Monkey fall:
  • Topslip
  • Masani Amman Temple

Aliyar Dam

This dam is located just from a distance of 24 km from the Valparaiso. It is a dam which is located in the aliyar village, in the Tamil Nadu district called Cambodia. Being one of the most popular dams, people love to visit over here all the time. It was constructed in the year 1953 to 1969 just for the reason of irrigation. Even our president of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visited here so as to start up the electric power in 2002. It is located in the foothills of Valparaiso the height of this dam is 81m.

Monkey fall

This place of tourist attraction is placed near the aliyar dam. It has a height of 60 feet which is developed from the evergreen forests along with the rocky cliffs. Just taking up the little dip in the fall can be best in adding adventure. Which is why in case you want to make the trip more adventurous, it is the best place. This can be the best holiday where one can enjoy with family as well as friends.


It is a tiger reserve place where the wildlife is given complete care. Just from the distance of 35km from the pollachi, it is the best place where one can enjoy the ghats. It is located in the tourist zone so that the people coming from outside can enjoy and make the most out of it without any hassle. You can know and have a glance at the flora and fauna which is present in a great quantity.

Masani Amman Temple

It is the place of worship for all hindus. Moreover, the people who would want to get themselves enlightened should pay visit here. It hels in giving up the indeep knowledge about the history so that one can remain content and well aware. It is placed just above the aliyar river and it an important location to enjoy at.

So, do visit the place mentioned above and add on the support while visiting Tamil Nadu. The ones who want to add the best with time while travelling should make a plan to pay a visit here. It will not only briging peace to the mind, but will work in a way of adding the wave of enjoyment and flow.