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Ooty Travel Guide

Ooty is one of the municipality towns in Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu. We can reach Ooty easily through Coimbatore and Mysore. It is the headquarters and one of the famous hill stations in Nilgiris. Residents and tourists describe it as the “queen of hills''. It is the place that comes to our mind when we think of bearing the summer. The tribal people who mostly lived here were called Badaga and Toda.

They speak their language called Badaga. Agriculture and tourism are the main occupations of the people. Here agriculture refers to the tea plantation and vegetables like carrot, radish, cabbage, cauliflower, beetroot and Potato. Ooty is famous for some fruits, including strawberry, Peaches, Plums, Pears in low prices. It comes under the site of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve. Let’s see what admires the most visitors in Ooty.

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Best Tourists Places In Ooty

  • Botanical garden
  • Pykara Lake
  • Ooty Lake
  • Doddabetta Peak
  • Deer Park

Botanical garden

It houses a unique collection of flowers, trees, herbs, and plants. They grow coloured plants and fragranced flowers. Also, different types of plants are developed in various designs to attract viewers. Tourists can view more than five hundred species. Plant lovers get attracted to this place. People attach to the affection of the plants when they walk through them. It is the best place for sightseeing, flower and plant exhibitions, mainly photography.

Pykara Lake

Here is the naturally formed majestic lake from Mukurthi peak. The lake originates from Pykara, near Ooty. The Pykara dam is built across Pykara lake in between the Ooty-Cuddalore road. Shola forests surround the lake, and the Mukurthi river heads it. The thick forest protects the shores of the lake, and the pine trees create a pleasing atmosphere around. Pykara lake is a beautiful and splendid place to provide your family with an endearing tour. We taste an adventurous flavour around the Pykara lake where only we hear the sound of waterfalls from it. Lake boathouse is the perfect place for weekend celebrations. Melodious bird sounds and nature hover around the Pykara falls to serve a lovable feast for nature lovers. Boating in the lake is a fantastic way that you can eat the entire blue treat.

Ooty Lake

As the name suggests, this lake is artificially created for fish and boating to enhance the tourists. But the lake exposes that it was naturally formed. It is an unanswerable question of how an artificially created lake bends and shatters between the bunch of trees on both sides. Ooty lake is famous for boat races and other games during the summer festival. It accommodates a boathouse, and boating is the favourite of most visitors who see the lake. It is suitable to spend peaceful time with our family. From here, you can rent a cycle and go for a ride.

Doddabetta Peak

It is also a place for nature lovers and an incredible place for trekking and sightseeing. Here is the highest peak in the town so that you enjoy the top views of majestic places around. It is the meeting place of western ghats and eastern ghats. The forest and lush green carpet beautify the peak when the hot sun arrives to reflect it in the lake. When you like to view the whole city standing here, there is a telescope house with two telescopes. You can view the entire green town, valleys, and other blue plates on the green table through it.

Deer Park

The treat for nature lovers is over. Now, this is the time to honour the animal lovers. Mainly wildlife enthusiasts have very much to view here. This park is the home of deers, where they wander independently without the interruption of humans and other harmful animals. Chital deer and Sambhal deer were more here. Friendly deers share their accommodation with rabbits, hares and birds. Ooty lake is quite close to the park, so you view spotted deer playing around. Along with animals, a bunch of flora and fauna are housed here.
Apart from those places, Kalhatty waterfalls treat you with wildlife creatures like panthers, sambars, monkeys and bison. The Kamraj Sagar dam serves you with fish. Rose garden, Stone house, Emerald Lake, Avalanche lake, St.Stephen’s church, Needle view hill point, Wax world museum, Wenlock downs, Ooty Golf course, Mudumalai National park, thread garden, tea factory and other more places that you cannot make a miss in Ooty. To make this trip unique, shops are available around to buy shawls, sweaters and other stuff.