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Kotagiri Travel Guide

Kotagiri, one of the town panchayats of the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu. It houses fourteen small villages with a small population. If weekends are planned for a hill station ride, then opt for Kotagiri. Because it is suitable for one day or a two-day trip around. It not only houses gorgeous places but fits for trekking in the hills with exciting things to explore.

Kotagiri will satisfy the complete visit of one day tour. It consoles your weary, tired soul and recurs your mind to take ahead further. Every hill station ride refreshes us for a new beginning. Kotagiri soothes our mind and immerses thoughts in tranquillity. Summer is the best time to visit here. But the beautiful hills look heavenly in winter surrounded by clouds and rain that wakes us continuously. For a euphoric vacation, these are the top places to visit:

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Best Tourists Places In Kotagiri

  • Longwood Shola
  • Catherine Falls
  • Rangaswamy Peak
  • Kodanad viewpoint
  • John Sullivan Memorial

Longwood Shola

This place is for trekking enthusiasts. It is a reserved forest surrounded by large species of flora and fauna. Wildlife admirers would witness Indian bison and flying foxes here. Most endangered species of birds hover around the reserve, and through binoculars, you can look at it closer. For trekkers, walking inside the trees and the changes in climatic condition provides a beautiful feel. The long trees and green bushes take you to the world of admiration.

Catherine Falls

It is stunning to look at the Catherine falls between the diverse green lush. It resembles a silver needle kept in between the forest. It is the second-highest falls in Nilgiri hills. It serves as a perfect adventure treat for nature lovers. Here is a double cascaded waterfall inside the forest. Locally people call it Geddhehaada Halla, which originates from the height of two fifty feet high. The falls ties everyone with their charm and an extraordinary place to escape from the crowds.

Rangaswamy Peak

Surrounded by emerald-green mountains, birds chirp around the peak. It makes us forget our hustling bustling city life. It is one of the beautiful creations of mother nature. This place is also a peak of spirituality as two shrines stand here and are visited by locals. It is a terrific spot for photographers that offers picturesque views of the scenery. We can experience the background of duet songs here at the top.

Kodanad viewpoint

Kodanad is an estate village of Kotagiri town. The estate offers the perfect viewpoint of the entire town and a great feast for sight-seekers. From here, you can look at the marvellous Nilgiri hills. The point provides the aerodynamic view of the Kotagiri. For trekking lovers, reaching this place is the only aim. To love loneliness is the exact place. Cottages here help us to enjoy the pleasing scene of the charming town. It will become an excellent picnic spot for leisure travellers.

John Sullivan Memorial

John Sullivan, an English servant, the reason behind all the developments in the Nilgiri hills. He had led the path for the tea plantation in the hill station. For his lovely memory, the John Sullivan memorial was established in Kotagiri town. Locally people called it Pethakal Bungalow; this place becomes the most important point of interest for travellers. It is also the residence. We can experience the hardships he faced when we take a visit to the place. As a single man, his struggles are unforgettable for the hill station.
Many tea estates and foggy clouds are available further to entreat your visit. Coimbatore, Coonoor, Nilgiris are the nearest locations to increase the thrust of nature. Come on, grab the wonders in your vision by today!