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Kodaikanal Travel Guide

Kodaikanal is the hill station town in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil language has four possible interpretations for the name, which means the “place to see in summer”, “the end of the forest”, “forest of creepers”, and the “gift of the forest”. The various meanings of the word “Kodaikanal” have a different pronunciation.

It is the summer umbrella like a forest where people escape from the overbearing heat in the landscape. It is a dense forest located on the top of the Palani hills. Kodaikanal also has the myth story associated with Lord Murugan and his consort Valli. The tribal people who live here were Palaiyar. The main occupation of the people were hunter-gatherers, honey hunters and foragers in the past. But now they mainly depend on tourism and agriculture. It is the enchanting location readily waiting to welcome us during the summer. Let us explore what stands as highlights to tourists in the recurring place.

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Best Tourists Places In Kodaikanal

  • Green Valley View
  • Kodaikanal Lake
  • Bear Shola Falls
  • Pillar Rocks
  • Coakers Walk
  • Berijam Lake

Green Valley View

It is the wandering place in Kodaikanal that possesses the bird’s-eye view of the Vaigai Dam. This point also exhibits the triangle top point view of enthralling lush green mountains and cloud touching valleys that spread farther. This viewpoint becomes adventurous as the route to visit is tricky. Standing in the incredible high seems unsafe, and when we see the down from here, we feel the air pulling us down.

Kodaikanal Lake

Here is a star-shaped waterbody that acts as the soul of Kodaikanal. No one will believe that it was artificially created to enhance the experience of tourists. The Palani hill ranges surround the lake, offering tree protection. The lake is fenced around so that one can sit by the blue carpet or stand around. Boating is the fantastic journey that takes us to the edges of the star-shaped lake. With permission, you can even fish in the lake. This place is renowned early to preserve Kurinji, a flower that blooms once in twelve years. To add extra sugar to dessert, Flower shows and boat pageants occur here in the summer season. From the lake viewpoint, you can enjoy the statuesque view of the lake.

Bear Shola Falls

It is the place for one looking for a private seat to rest. The falls look like splattered white paint on the rock surface. Bears visit these falls to drink water, and that becomes the name of the place. It is an incredible view to look at the falls between the deep bushes and exotic species that arose in the middle of rocks. During the monsoons, the water gushes from the top of the mountains between the bulged rocks. Monkeys welcome us in the pathway while travelling to the falls.

Pillar Rocks

It is a long tall rock at the edge of the Guna caves. Here is a couple of rock that reveals a beautiful love story and a blissful place for newly married couples. These four hundred feet pillars protrude from tall mountains and show the tip corner of the mountains. In the past, a white wooden cross, the symbol of love, rested on the rocks, and no got disappear with time. It has a mini garden to engrave the tourist falling in love with the stones.

Coakers Walk

To look at the delighted beauty of the earth, it’s necessary to enter the Coaker’s walk. It is a one-kilometre pathway where you can view the lush green mountains, valleys, and streams located far away from the place and on another end. It is beautiful to explore down from the top and exhibits the aerodynamic view. A telescope house is available to expose the grandeur of wonders in Kodaikanal. The weather is pleasant here but frigid and foggy, especially in winter.

Berijam Lake

This place offers a perfect feast for the nature lover, and it is a leftover reservoir that receives water from the dam. The view from the top of the lake makes it outstanding as the lake dips inside the forest. It is a gift for bird watching, resting and photography—the family fishes inside the lake rush to see you and fight among each other to welcome you. Morning arrives here, drinking water in the afternoon and morning is the best time to look at it.

Other than extraordinary, there is Dolphin’s nose, Bryant Park, Silver cascade falls, Silent valley viewpoint, canopy hill, Kurinji Andavar Temple, Solar observatory, Shembaganur Museum, etc. which comes under the wonders of Kodaikanal. There is nothing to avoid as lower in Kodaikanal since it immerses us in knowing what to pick in the nesting beauty.