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Hosur Travel Guide

The beautiful city of Hosur in Tamil Nadu is basically an amalgamation of industry and spirituality. It is known as the ‘Little England’ of South India. It is surrounded by greenery and has pleasant weather prevailing all year long. Hosur means ‘new settlement’ in Kannada, It is a city that is balancing the best of all worlds.

This city is a hub of the automobile industry and is also a leader in horticulture in India. It is maintaining a deep spiritual connection and historical legacy. The temples in Hosur are the most popular tourist attractions in South India.

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Best Tourists Places In Hosur



The Chandra Choodeswarar Temple is dedicated to the deity Lord Shiva. The temple is an ancient structure. Many pilgrims walk to the top of the hill To showcase their sign of devotion. It is very much possible to take a car to the hilltop as there is a parking space near the temple too. At the top, pilgrims and tourists will get a surprising view of two more hills. Each hill has its own temples dedicated to two Gods Vishnu and Brahma respectively. It’s seemingly a heavenly reward for all the tourists who are nature lovers.
The temple is located at a distance of 40km from Bangalore and 52 km from Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu. It has fascinating stone inscriptions from the 11th century AD, which was believed to be the glorious reign of the Chola dynasty. With auspiciousness and history, this is one of the most beautiful temples in Hosur.


Another famous temple in Hosur is the Venkateshwara Swami Temple. It is also known as Dakshina Tirupathi. The temple is basically located off the main road and has lush green surroundings. Usually, a walk to the top of the hill gives tourists some panoramic views of the stunning countryside and spectacular green paddy fields.
The temple is totally dedicated to Lord Vishnu and exhibits a great deal of serenity. It has been recently renovated again for the visitors to come and visit. There are unparalleled views and mesmerising scenery nearby which makes this temple perfect. As a tourist, you can easily sit back here and spend most of the hours of the day with your family and friends. Visitors are usually few and sometimes far in between. You may also visit the Brahma temple nearby. The temple is located on top of the Brahma Hills and the only way to get there is by walking. The locals are always elated and helpful to guide those tourists who are interested in making the trek.


The Pratyangira Temple is really famous and is also known as Maa Pratyangira Kalika Alayam. It is one of the most unique temples to visit in Hosur. The temple is completely dedicated to Pratyangira, Sarabeswara, Narasimha, and Mariamman. The Pratyangira Temple has a massive Pratyangira statue on the Rajagipuram of the temple. The style of architecture of the temple is very unique to the traditional Dravidian temples.
It is a beautiful place to visit and learn about the historic traditional culture of South India through Hosur’s magnificent temples.