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Dindigul Travel Guide

Dindigul is a city situated in the territory of Tamil Nadu. Dindigul gets its name from the words 'Thindu', which means pillow and 'kal', which means rock. The most famous authentic milestone of Dindigul is the Rock Fort which is situated atop a hill. It alludes to the exposed slopes which overlook the city. The city is located between the Palani Hills and the Sirumalai Hills and is a fertile land adept for farming.

It was ruled by several dynasties previously, including the Cholas, the Cheras and the Pallavas until it turned into a piece of the British Empire. It has a deep-rooted history; it is home to a few old landmarks and centuries-old religious destinations. So, if you are a genuine history lover and curious to explore the bygone era of a place, then visiting this place is an absolute necessity for you. It is encircled by delightful ranch fields and great green slopes; it additionally makes a great end of the week objective for nature lovers and photographers. Following is the rundown of some significant spots to visit in Dindigul.

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Best Tourists Places In Dindigul

  • Dindigul Fort
  • Sri Abirami Amman Temple
  • Begumpur Mosque
  • Sirumalai Hills
  • St. Joseph's Church

Dindigul Fort

Underlying the seventeenth century during the rule of the Madurai Nayaks, Dindigul Fort is situated on a rough slope and overlooks the centre settlement of the city. The significant explanation Dindigul Fort ought to be your primary goal here lies in its structural and authentic importance. It is one spot where you can learn exhaustively about the historical backdrop of Dindigul and how it prospered throughout some undefined time frame. The fort complex is home to an excellent sanctuary and mandapam, which are of great compositional significance. You can likewise track down a couple of cannons inside its post limits. Even though the Madurai Nayaks constructed the stronghold, it was also ruled by Tipu Sultan and the British East India Company.

Sri Abirami Amman Temple

It is said that the historical backdrop of any spot in India is deficient without the presence of ancient religious destinations. These sacred locales not just portray the historical setting of any town's development yet additionally exhibit their way of life and culture that prevailed hundreds of years ago. Hence, a visit to the religious sites of any noteworthy town is an absolute necessity. Dindigul is home to a few excellent and age-old sanctuaries.

Begumpur Mosque

The most seasoned of them all in Dindigul, Begumpur Mosque is situated near Dindigul Fort and was built by Hyder Ali, the king of the Mysore Kingdom. As it is a place where he buried his sister, Ameerunnisa Begum, that's why it is called Begumpur Mosque. As yet dynamic and is visited by many Muslims consistently, it is quite possibly the prominent vacationer location in Dindigul. Constructed in the Mughal style of composition, this Mosque is a stoppage for individuals who would love to take a stroll in the past.

Sirumalai Hills

If you couldn't want anything more than to take a break from Dindigul and its old landmarks and lose all sense of direction in the magnificence of nature for some time, at that point, the close by Sirumalai Hills is an ideal choice for you. Aside from loosening up your psyche and restoring your spirit in its tranquil environment, you can likewise go photographing here. As the area is honoured with rich timberlands and assorted untamed life, you can detect a few uncommon and imperilled types of plants and creatures.

St. Joseph's Church

Another fascination in Dindigul, known for its design excellence and historical significance, is St. Joseph's Church. It is perhaps the most delightful house of worship in the locale. It is situated in the focal point of the city and is known for its excellent glassworks.