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Courtallam Travel Guide

Courtallam is a small panchayat town located on the outline of western ghats in the Tenskasi district of Tamil Nadu. Even if it is a smaller tourist place, what steals your heart is its beauty. Loyal travelers who visited Courtallam, since now nicknamed it as “Spa of South India ''.

It is the hundred sixty-meter mountains located in the foothills of Agasthyamalai, a significant part of Western Ghats. The month of June to September is time to visit this place to taste the feast of nature altogether. Thirikooda Rasappa Kavirayar, one of the ancient Tamil poets, wrote Kuttrala Kuravanji, which describes the exaltation of this place. This town has its own story of devotion that surrounds the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Courtallam is dipped in the spiritual essence constituting many temples and powerhouses of nature exhibiting the predatory beauty of mountains and falls. It is the right place when you decide to disappear for a short time from the rush of a busy life. Everyone can spend valuable time in a relaxing place. We are here to address the great tourist spots of the city!

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Best Tourists Places In Courtallam

  • Peraruvi
  • Five Falls
  • Old Courtallam
  • Chitra Sabhai Temple
  • The Tiger falls
  • Courtallam Eco-park


The central falls, locally known as Peraruvi, are the first place to visit Kutralam. It awaits its fans for 24*7; it is the most prominent fall flowing for 60m. The falls start at the top of the mountain. Because it falls from a height, the pressure is independent. But for a safe swim, the water accommodates in Pongum Kadal, a deep crater. Tourists enjoy themselves on the silver carpet of water. It is enormously beautiful to view the mountain wearing a silver shawl from the foot.

Five Falls

Five falls in its name itself reveal the answer. Yes, the falls flow down into five separate branches. It flows from the very high; it splashes on the herbal plants and brings the water with magical healing powers. The authorities divide the branches into two sections: three branches for men and two extensions for women to take a bath. Through bathe, we can take up the curing potential of water. This water possesses freshness and enthusiasm that gives energy.

Old Courtallam

This fall is for silent lovers. When Peraruvi and Five falls are crowded, people prefer to bathe in Old Courtallam. It is the apt place for rejuvenating themselves. It was located in the foothills. The remaining water after flowing in five falls and peramivir flows here. But the water has the same freshness and pleasing look. Even though the place accommodates only a few members, the way to reach the falls attracts tourists through its lush green coconut and mango trees with the bustling rice fields.

Chitra Sabhai Temple

Chitra Sabhai was located inside the Kutralanathar temple. It is the temple to worship Lord Shiva in the name of Thirikooda Nathan and Parvati in the name of Kushal Vaai Mozhi Ammai. It is one of the temples of the ancient Tamil Kingdom, Pandyas. Apart from all other temples, its structure is conch-shaped, and it becomes the unique feature of the temple. In the temple, the Chitra Sabhai was positioned in the middle of Theppakulam, a holy pond. The wall has inscribed statues and paintings. It demonstrates the epic artistic style of Tamilians, where the paints for the sculptures are the extracts of herbal plants.

The Tiger falls

A friendly falls locally known as Puli Aruvi is the smaller version of Main falls where kids can enjoy more because of the low flow water pressure. The falls got this name because, in the early times, tigers used to rest in the caves. It arrives here to drink the water over here. The water from the falls is collected in a lake and used for irrigation.

Courtallam Eco-park

It is the eco treat of Natural amenities in Courtallam. It is the biggest Eco-park in Tamil Nadu extending 137 acres. The main motive of the park is to conserve the green lush biodiversity and ecosystem of the Western Ghats. This park holds amusement like children's play areas, an area of adventure and mural-stream walks.
Other places to visit in Courtallam are the Chittar river, Folk arts site museum. Falls is the famous site of Kutralam and tourists consider bathing in it is bliss. To enjoy the magnificence of the waterfalls without shattering, visit the place. Adventurous and tremendous views of nature culminate here, at Courtallam!