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Coonoor Travel Guide

It is the Municipality taluk of Nilgris state in Tamil Nadu. Most people live with tribal natives and Hindus. It is the second largest town in Nilgiris hills next to Ooty. The city was classified into two divisions-the upper Coonoor and the lower Coonoor. Lower Coonoor holds the public places like Bus depot, Railway station, and rushing market complex while the upper one comprises tour spots like Sim’s park and bed fort.

The people who live here speak Tamil, and most of their business is agriculture. Tea plantation is the primary cultivation in and around Coonoor. Cottage and household industries are the secondary business of the people. As the place is a hill station with mountainous peaks, valleys, falls, streams, fog covers and protects the Taluk. It is the new destiny of most travelers even if they have a very long tour. Let us look at the few tourist spots of the place:

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Best Tourists Places In Coonoor

  • Sim’s Park
  • Droog Fort
  • Heritage Mountain railways
  • Law’s Falls
  • Rally Dam and Dolphin’s Nose

Sim’s Park

It is the most visited botanical garden in Coonoor. The hub accommodates hundreds and thousands of trees and flowering plants. It also has rare exotic species of flowering, fragrance, and colorful plants. It is a beautiful flower garden where all flowers compete with each other to welcome you. The park’s unique feature is the annual fruit and vegetable exhibition that takes place in May month. The unique beauty of the flowers and the cool breeze spreading above them feast our eyes. Kids will love the place which every day has a temperature of around 30 degrees maximum and about 5 degrees minimum.

Droog Fort

During historical times, Tipu Sultan used the fort. It is a hunt for history lovers with beautiful stone walls and wooden doors. It is one of the finest places to visit for trekking. Watchtower in the fort stands proud to welcome the visitors. The fort stands at the top, sliding from the floor. Some rare and exotic birds fly around the fort to serve the bird watchers. Unique bird species are probably new so we must look around here.

Heritage Mountain railways

Before visiting all the places, when we plan a tour to Coonoor, the first that comes to mind is the Mountain train trip. Incredibly, that one cannot make a mistake. This trip takes us into the foothills and bridges with a chill breeze as the best companion. Here is a slow-motion journey, and the train looks the same as the rail that ran during the freedom movement. Other than regular train tracks, a separate twin-track is required for this train to move with. Sprawling tea estates, bubbly streams, and loud roaring waterfalls cross you throughout the ancient art journey.

Law’s Falls

The silver carpet of water starts from the top and touches our legs to merge us with it. Here is the gorgeous waterfall in Coonoor and sticks in the eyeball of the tourists. This hundred and eighty feet waterfall forms a base at the ground below our legs. Naturalists love to visit this place as the water flows down between the rocks, and green plants and bushes cover the area around.

Rally Dam and Dolphin’s Nose

It is the beautiful serene escape of Nilgiris for trekking. It is the home of most birds and exposes a pleasing look with natural essence surrounding it. The way that leads to this place makes you fall in love with its lush green dress. Home-made chocolate shops are the food partner for this place, and the Highfield tea factory is a shopping place when you visit the dam. Monsoon is the best companion to spend a quiet time here. Dolphin’s Nose is the door to see the 180-degree view of the area surrounded. In the middle of the green scenery, the cascade of Catherine falls introduces itself during the scene. The aroma of fresh tender tea leaves, along with the mixed fog and mist climatic conditions, hold us to stay throughout.
Not completed, the list extends by the St. George’s church with a red look that has elegant paintings and interiors. Lady Canning’s seat for trekking, Ketti Valley, Lamb’s rock, Wellington, Silkworm breeding station, Kittery park, Hidden valley, and All Saints church are the lovely places that you cannot miss on the tour. But don’t forget to enter the Indian Bakery and buy homemade chocolates, fresh carrots, and strawberries from Coonoor.