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Coimbatore Travel Guide

Coimbatore is the city in Tamil Nadu, where most Kongu people live. It is the manchester of South India, which holds more number of industries in its hands. There are lovely places to visit here, equal to its industrial sites and population. Industries mainly manufacture various engineering goods, motor parts, and textile goods. The inter-town of Coimbatore has South India’s top educational institutions, textile industry, hospitals, hot weather, and high population traffic.

The other side of the city still stands with the natural beauty of majestic mountains, cherished falls, hill stations, and what else is more is fresh air. People here are familiar with the Tamil language known as “Kongu Tamil”. It becomes the local Indian cosmopolitan city when people from Northern and western India migrate here. We can find amiable, respectful, helpful, and courteous people here. As the place is nearer to Kerala, we can experience a chill weather conditions except in the summer. It is now becoming the tech hub as it is developing in all aspects. Apart from other resources and features, people consider their pride in having the second tastiest “Siruvani water” that most west Coimbatorians drink. It is an orthodox city where still they don’t live a flashy lifestyle. We cannot separate anything as top places as everything is top in its genre. But a few are listed below:

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Best Tourists Places In Coimbatore

  • Think Yoga visit Isha!
  • The South Kailash-Velliangiri Hills
  • G.D. Car Museum
  • Kovai Kutralam
  • Kerala and Ooty

Think Yoga visit Isha!

When someone plans a tour to Coimbatore, that appears first in the list is Isha. Yes, it holds the grand Dhyanalinga, a pillarless linga built with bricks that never fall. It also contains the pride of having the Largest bust Sculpture-Adiyogi. Isha Yoga center under Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev maintains the temple which constitutes meditative Dhyanalinga, Linga Bhairavi, a large metal Nandi statue, and many more statues of devotion and divinity. We also have a Theerthakund, a water body inside the temple with deep cool waters that automatically empower the spiritual receptivity that automatically gives mental patience. The temple was situated on 150 acres of land under the Velliangiri Mountains. The place itself is calm, patient, and filled with spiritual and divine effects that make us stay there for long.

The South Kailash-Velliangiri Hills

It is a part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve and is located at the outline of Western ghats around Coimbatore. It constituted seven mountains and got the name Saptagiri. The mountain top has the temple of Swayambhu, Lord Shiva is self-created in the form. People considered this place one of the parts that fell from the most powerful position on Mount Kailash. It is trekking where people found suitable to visit only during mid-Feb to mid-May, and the forest department restricts the entry in other months except during full moon and new moon days upon prior request.

G.D. Car Museum

It houses the interesting inventions of India’s Edison, G.D.Naidu. It has a variety of science experiments and tells the history of Industrialisation in Coimbatore. It displays the most car collections from the British era and an old motorbike which he learned to assemble from a British officer and started his interest in Engineering. There is also a German Gift Shop located inside to buy all german toys.

Kovai Kutralam

It is one of the best scenic spot visits in Coimbatore, which holds the white waterfall of Siruvani water. People can bathe and enjoy their time and are only allowed a specific particular time by the forest department. The falls originated from the Siruvani hills and are wonderful during rainy times.

Kerala and Ooty

Coimbatore stands as a root place and bridge to visit the mountainous places, Kerala and Ooty. For Ooty and Coonoor, we can travel through Mettupalayam, the foothill area. It has a very cool climate every time. To visit Kerala, enter through Palakkad. Apart from tourist spots in Kerala and Ooty, we can buy the same food items in the inner town of Coimbatore.

Coimbatore holds many holy places as its tourist places, like Asia’s most giant Vinayagar Statue in Puliakulam. Anuvaavi Subramaniar temple has a natural outflow of water throughout the year and has more than a hundred steps to get to the temple without any mechanical help. Perur Pateeswarar temple, a shiva temple thousand years old. Maruthamalai Murugan temple, which is located on the top hill, was two hundred years old. Athar Jamat Masjid, hundred years old masjid, is situated in Big Bazaar Street. There are many Malls and hotels to buy a variety of articles and taste the food style of Tamilians. So no proof that one can visit, taste and avail of all the features of Coimbatore in one day.
Get up now to hunt all! Enjoy the look of Coimbatore in every moment of the tour.