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Chennai Travel Guide

Chennai, historically known as Madras, is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It takes places on the coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal. It has the highest population in the district of Tamil Nadu. It holds numerous educational, historic and economic centres of South India. It is the most visited tourists places of foreigners and the “health capital of India.” As the Detroit of India, it has more than one-third of India's automobile industry.

It is the home of the Tamil film Industry and got the pride in producing great leaders of Tamil Nadu. The people who live here are known as Madraasi, and they speak Tamil. The slang they use is called “Madras bashai”, which comprises the dialects of most languages. The people of Chennai, are brave and they possess a helpful mind. Come on and look at what the most visited places in Chennai are!

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Best Tourists Places In Chennai

  • Marina Beach
  • Fort St. George
  • Thousand lights Mosque
  • Guindy National Park
  • Mylapore
  • San Thome Church

Marina Beach

India’s most famous beach was located in the eastern outline of Chennai. It starts from the St. George building and ends in Besant Nagar. One can view the exclusive scene of the sky and water meeting together when standing on the seashore. The large white waves welcome us each time. The grand tomb of the lighthouse stays in Marina’s southern end with the aquarium, park and pool. During the morning walk, one can experience the sunrise in the midst of little clouds and breezy hot wind. It is an excellent time to visit after the summer season. Because Chennai exhibits deep hot winds in summer and the beach wave reflects the same.

Fort St. George

Indian history of Independence started with the entry of the British. To prove them with a solid example, Fort St. George is the hands-on answer. It is the central point for the British to handle official administration. Now the big building was under the control of the Tamil Nadu government. The legislative assembly comprises the secretariat, chief minister office, home ministry, and treasury of the state. It is open to the public for a specific area. Because in the three-storeyed building, apart from the occupancy of the state, some places were left untouched. That houses the museum, Wellesley house and St.Mary's church. The museum and Wellesley house displays the many items belonging to the period of English rule. The flagstaff, made of teakwood on the pavement of the building, is the tallest in the country.

Thousand lights Mosque

More than many temples, the astonishing architecture of the Thousand lights Mosque attracts people. It is one of the largest mosques in the country. It got the name “Thousand lights” because a total of thousand oil lamps are required to light up the centre hall of the mosque. It is majestic with its tall pillars and high construction. The area around the mosque got the same name due to its popularity. The wide-long domes give considerable space to the prayer to god. According to the community, a unique hall is allocated only for women to pray in towering places.

Guindy National Park

When all things are historical, calm and majestic, the tour becomes boring. To add fire to the tyre, Guindy National park comes in the middle. It is the eighth smallest National park in India and also constitutes a snake park. Located near the official residence of the governor of Tamil Nadu, it extends to the governor’s estate, surrounded by beautiful forest and lakes. It is the home of numerous vertebrates, invertebrates, mammals and birds. It also has a children's park where many birds and harmless animals like deers, peacocks, ducks and monkeys stay. The threatening beauty of the park is that it gives accommodation to crocodiles.


It is the place that every tourist cannot miss! It demonstrates the exotic destination of the distinct culture of Chennai. It is famous for its three-lined structure, Avenues. Ramakrishna Math and Kapaleeswarar temple are the other eyes of Mylapore. This place in the city was clustered up with thousands of temples, churches, and mosques. It is the place where we can see the prominence of San Thomas Basilica and Adi Kesava Perumal Temple. Mylapore is also a residential area, historically known as Vedapuri. Musicians and Music Sabha fill this sacred place which is the cultural addition to the majestic beauty. It also provides tourists with a particular fragrance of food treats with its smell.

San Thome Church

The vast white structure becomes familiar with the presence of the tomb of St. Thomas. It is considered one of the religious places of Chennai. The stains in the glasses of the windows say its age—Statue of ST. Thomas, the museum inside the building, other small and big shops that sell holy candles are the towering features of the church. It remembers the memory of past colonial relations of Indians. The highest tips of the building hold the symbol of Jesus, and the sloping red roofs add extra beauty while looking from outside.

The list moves without a complete stop when we choose Chennai as our tour spot. Other than the above mentioned there are unfamous and grand looking buildings, historical and local places. The Napier Bridge stands separately for its construction. The Birla planetarium gives the experience of landing on the sky and stimulates the gist of science. The Madras war memorial increases the affection we have for our Nation and resembles the martyrs who gave up their lives in the second world war. There are many other temples like Ashtalakshmi Temple, Mahabalipuram, hundred-year-old Parthasarathy temple, Vadapalani Murugan temple, Marundeshwarar temple and Thiruttani Murugan temple. It has many historical buildings like the building of Anna university, Kathipara bridge, Madras high court building, Valluvar Cottam, Vivekanandhar house, connemara public library, and central railway station building. Few bird sanctuaries and animal zoos stare into the eyes of the children. Many branch beaches are around, and now the city rose to a position by huge malls and shopping areas.
Go on a visit To Chennai, explore, eat, buy and finally enjoy the ambiance of heaven!