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Aritar Travel Guide

Without any doubts, thick backwoods, along with the lavish paddy field, is aritar. It offers a breathtaking as well as a fantastic view of the Himalayas. All who are looking for the perfect natural beauty must opt for the natural beauty of aritar.

It is arranged in the location of Sikkim, which is picture-perfect. From the scene of the mountain to that of the streams, you can look for the best of nature. The place is going to leave you with the undiscovered heaven where one can have the best adventure along with the indefinable look. For all who are willing to enjoy the beauty of the hill station, all they need to do is visit the most amazing places located in aritar.

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best tourists places in Aritar

  • Lampokhari Lake
  • Ari Gumpa
  • Aritar Bungalow
  • Mankhim Temple
  • Kali Khola Falls

Lampokhari Lake

It is one of the most amazing seasoned lakes which is located in Sikkim. It is around 4600 feet away, which is just above sea level. From 240 feet to 1120 feet, you can choose widely enjoy the best support without any hassle. The lake has a rich line of wood along with having up the primary feature which can give the best eye view to the visitor.

Ari Gumpa

It is the settlement in the Himalayas with the edge offering the best and unbeatable appearance all the time. The view is perfect because it gives the catchy sight of an all-encompassing view from immense mountains to the lakes without any hassle.

Aritar Bungalow

This place is even known as ari-Bangla, which is one of the most prestigious seeing of aritar. All the ones who are visiting this place for the first time must make sure that they give a visit to such an amazing place. Here you can look at all the best sightseeing because it was designed by one of the best known Britishers of that time.

Mankhim Temple

It is one of the famous and best tourist attractions that each individual will love. All the ones who are visiting here for the first time should know that it is located at hattipailay village which is considered as the highest peak. The stunning view of lampokhari lake carrying up the pine trees along with different plants is mesmerising.

Kali Khola Falls

It is even known as kuikhola falls by the ones who are the local people of that place. There is a magnificence which is alluring and has the best clear water which one can enjoy the most. From the rivers falling to the natural beauty, you can look for the best and all at this place. It is one of the best tourist attraction which can bind a person bounded.