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Mount Abu Travel Guide

Rajasthan is known as the hottest state in India, where you will find one of the largest deserts, the Thar desert. On the other hand, you can enjoy another physical feature of the place by visiting the only hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu.

No time is the wrong time to visit Mount Abu. You can enjoy the summers, embrace the rainy season with lush green beauty. The winters are considered one of the best time to visit the place from October to March when the weather calm and cold.

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Best Tourists Places In Mount Abu

  • Dilwara Jain temples
  • Sunset point
  • Wildlife sanctuary
  • Nakki lake
  • Peace park
  • Adhar Devi temple
  • Tibetan Market

Dilwara Jain temples

It is one of the jain temples with the best architectural style. You will be mesmerised by the beauty of the place with intricate cravings, marble works, unique stone laying technique and smooth sculptures. It houses five temples - Vimal Vasahi, Luna Vasahi, Pitalhar, Khartar Vasahi and Mahavir Swa

Sunset point

Sunset points are famous for their ability to offer the calm and peace with the majestic view of the city. Mount Abu sunset point is one such point that attracts many tourists across the world and is an ideal place for couples.

Wildlife sanctuary

wildlife sanctuary in Mount Abu is a subtropical paradise. It is ideal for wildlife photography, for adventures like jungle trekking and jungle safari. It has a wide variety of flora and fauna and is a home for leopards.
Guru Shikar peak is the highest in Aravalli peaks which offers a fabulous paranomic view of the place. It has a famous temple of Guru Dattatreya, believed to be the incarnation of all three deities- the Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, in Hindu mythology.

Nakki Lake

All the tourists, never miss visiting the beautiful lake where you can enjoy boating. It is believed that in this lake, only the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed. It is also thought gods themselves dug the lake. It is an ideal place for picnic, trekking and relaxing where you enjoy the excellent food around the lake.

Peace park

The peace park is Brahma kumaris spiritual abode where you can find eternal peace and serenity. It is an ideal place for meditation, picnic, playing and rejuvenation. There is a guided tour available that will impart this knowledge and make sure that you indulge in the immense serene beauty of the place.

Adhar Devi temple

Enjoy the spirituality and serenity of the place by climbing 365 stairs to the temple devoted to the Hindu Goddess Durga. The site is usually busted with pilgrimage during the festive season, Navratri.

Tibetan Market

Shopping is always a good idea, especially when you are in another city where you can explore different collect. The Tibetan market of mount Abu will offer you some fantastic handicrafts, ornate jewellery, art pieces, clothes and much more. It is a pocket-friendly market from where you can buy your memory for life.