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Bundi Travel Guide

There are several enticing sights you can visit when you’re in Bundi that will certainly make your journey worthwhile and treat your historic vacation. Once you reach these sights you begin to feel the royalty and the deep cultural roots each of these places hold.

Like many regions in Rajasthan, Bundi belonged to royal lineages of kings and queens and still proudly displays that heritage. So the next time you’re in Bundi, make it a point to visit the top tourist spots mentioned below-

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Best Tourists Places In Bundi

  • Bundi Palace
  • Raniji Ki Baori
  • Sukh Mahal
  • Taragarh Fort
  • Lake Jait Sagar

Bundi Palace

Bundi is on the top of budget-friendly vacation spots in Rajasthan and Bundi Palace can be regarded as the major sightseeing spot in Bundi famous for its remarkable scenic beauty. The palace showcases a rich backdrop of both cultural and chronological importance, which enlightens the visitors about the history and cultural roots of the town so that you can understand their lifestyle and practices better.

Raniji Ki Baori

Renowned for being the largest baori in Bundi, this site is ideal for gathering some quiet time in the serene surroundings and sombre nature setting. Having elaborate stone sculptures displaying elephants and small tales, this baori is a suitable vacation spot for people who are interested in observing old construction pieces. Visiting this place will surely grant you some beautiful insights about the heritage and history of the descendants of the lands of Bundi.

Sukh Mahal

Sukh Mahal is a heritage spot famous for more reasons than one. But one particularly striking event was when renowned writer Kipling stayed there and the place turned into the muse for his book ‘Kim’. Additionally, several movies have since been shot here. This summer special retreat was a frequent vacation site for the leaders of the past generations.

Taragarh Fort

This Bundi fort is considered one of the most intricately designed and well-prepared structures in the whole town. Built in complete Rajputi fashion, this fort extends the horizons for a cultural exploration of their cast and grants the tourists a deeper understanding of its legacy and splendour. Fun fact, this place is assumed to be the first hillside fort built in India while also remaining one of the formative forts in Rajasthan.

Lake Jait Sagar

Bordered by the hills and housing ranges of exquisite lotus flowers, this lake offers a charming view to you. This place for onlookers to witness the several migratory birds that flock in nearby to bask in the beauty of the site.