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Bikaner Travel Guide

Bikaner is located in northwestern Rajasthan, with the Thar desert surrounding it. Bikaner also shares its boundary with Pakistan. Rajasthan is the most extensive state, and crossing boundaries from one city to another will give countless stories about the historical events, bravery, and courage. Each place has its significance. Rajasthan encompasses a fully established city to a barren desert.

Rajasthan will show you distinct features, and you will love them all. Every place has a story, and indeed Bikaner has its story. It is an excellent attraction for avid travellers, history buffs and cultural enthusiasts.
The best time to visit Bikaner in the winter season between October to march, when the weather is pleasant. It is not advisable to see in the summer season as there would be scorching heat and would not have a full-fledged experience due to weather.

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Best Tourists Places In Bikaner

  • Junagarh fort
  • Lalgarh palace and museum
  • Gajner Palace and lake
  • National research centre on a camel
  • Temples

Junagarh fort

Bikaner is famously famous for its 16th-century fort built by Raja Rai Singh. It is one of the oldest forts in India with great significance in history. Beauty mesmerising has the amalgamation of Gujarati and Mughal architecture, which gives photographers a perfect scenic, cultural view and many options to click. The fort comprises many palaces, temples and museum inside.
The museum preserves all the weapons, articles of clothing, arts and culture of the place and tells the tales of the brave kings.
Royal chapel was built for the royals of the family. Nobody else could worship there except the royals. Anup Mahal and Chandra mahal are known for their mesmerising architecture, luxurious structures, rooms, and goldwork.

Lalgarh palace and museum

The unbelievable architectural style of the palace was the oriental fantasy of sir Swinton Jacob blending Rajputs, Mughals and European style. Maharaja Ganga Singh built it in the memory of his father. It houses two museums, namely - sadul museum and Ganga golden jubilee museum. It preserves the artefacts and exhibits the heads of various animals. It has a good collection of trophies won by the rulers of Bikaner. And the Lalgarh palace hotel is run by the Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji charity trust.

Gajner Palace and lake

Now the hotel for visitors, earlier it was the hunting and relaxing place for the kings. Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji began with the palace’s foundation, and maharaja Ganga Singh Ji completed it. The palace houses a wildlife sanctuary which was a hunting place for royals.

National research centre on a camel

It is a must one time visit to grab the knowledge about the camels and their breeding. It has more than 230 camels with three different breeds. You will also enjoy some milk and lassi from fresh camel milk.


There are many religious temples in the Bikaner like - Jain Mandir Bandasar, Shri Lakshminath Temple, Shiv Bari Temple, Karni Mata temple and Ratan Bihari temple.
Among them, the Karni Mata temple is a unique temple that houses around 20,000 rats and is considered the sons of Karni mata.