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Pathankot Travel Guide

Pathankot is a beautiful city in Punjab that offers a line with Pakistan (on its west). The city scents of flavorful ghee, parathas, and lassi. With an old-world appeal, the spot helps to remember a unified Indian period.

The spot is rapture for food darlings and strange pilgrims. Here are a couple of acclaimed attractions of Pathankot:
Give your shopaholic soul some relief by visiting Novelty Mall that houses excellent quality stores just as a great food court. April to October is the best and ideal opportunity to visit Pathankot, as the climate is very charming during this season. To encounter the genuine delight of visiting this city, you ought to visit this city during the celebrations of Baisakhi and Lohri, which livens the town of Pathankot with happy enthusiasm.

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Best Tourists Places In Pathankot

  • Ranjit Sagar Dam
  • Nurpur Fort
  • Shahpurkandi fort
  • Mukteshwar Temple
  • Nagini temple

Ranjit Sagar Dam

Ranjit Sagar Dam makes for an ideal spot to appreciate a day out with companions or family as it flaunts a few outing spots close to Pathankot, where you can unwind constantly. Witness the wild of Pathankot and the outstanding excellence that will leave you dumbfounded. The Ranjit Sagar Dam is otherwise called the Thien Dam and built on the waterway, Ravi. It's a piece of the hydroelectricity venture of the state administration of Punjab and was finished in 2001.

Nurpur Fort

Nurpur Fort is an old structure over 900 years of age and noted for its antiquated Krishna and Mirabai sanctuary set in the inward sanctum of the fortress. It is likewise the lone temple on the planet where Lord Krishna and Meera Bai are adored. Pathania Rajputs, who got this strong fortification developed, and later Shah Jahan named it after his better half Nur Jahan. It was previously known as the Dhameri Fort and was destroyed in a seismic tremor in 1905.

Shahpurkandi fort

Shahpurkandi fort settled on the banks of the Ravi River in the pleasant lower regions of the Himalayas. Shahpurkandi fortress is outstanding amongst other Pathankot vacationer places. It was underlying the sixteenth century and stood tall in the beautiful excellence of Pathankot. A fortress piece currently fills in as lodging space for sightseers and gives excellent perspectives on the city of Pathankot.

Mukteshwar Temple

Mukteshwar Temple, Also known as Mukesaran Mandir, the old temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. The place is amazingly adored and famous for its artificial cavern complex. Set on Shahpur Kandi Dam street, it is believed that Pandavas from the Indian epic Mahabharata remained here during their outcast.

Nagini temple

Nagini temple, a religious milestone, is one of the famous Pathankot vacationers built around 16 km away from the city and dedicated to the Goddess of snakes. One of the sacred temples in Punjab, This old temple sorts out an excellent fair each Saturday in August that draws in numerous explorers and sightseers from the nation over. Other than being perhaps the most well-known spots to visit in Pathankot, a particular part of this temple is that where the icon of Nagini Mata is situated, water comes out from that point. Local people of the encompassing region likewise accept that a snake chomp can be relieved if you drink this blessed water and apply mud on it from the temple's premises.