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Gurdaspur Travel Guide

Gurdaspur was one of the best places in Punjab that were found at the beginning of the 17th century by guriya Ji. That is why the city was named after Gurdaspur. In the old cities, people used to live in huts. It is the best place where you can show up your love and seek the blessings of Waheguru ji.

Gurdaspur has a maximum population along with being a better place where one can enjoy. For all the tourist if they want to know the history of the place all they need to do is just visit some of the amazing places in Gurdaspur.

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Best Tourists Places In Gurdaspur

  • Sri Darbar Sahib
  • Dera baba Nanak
  • Sri Namdev Durbar
  • Takht-i-Akbari
  • Fish Park

Sri Darbar Sahib

This Gurudwara is located near the dera Baba Nanak. It is basically built by the Sikh Guru Nanak dev ji. Guruji had received to this place after returning from the units of preaching. He had come to meet his family mata sulakhni along with his two sons.

Dera baba Nanak

It is located 45 km from the west of the Gurdaspur. It was built by the first sikh guru-Shri guru Nanak dev Ji. According to the history guru, Ji lived here for twelve years. It is basically located on the Ravi river bank. Guruji shed all his coil in the gurudwara which was named Kartar Pur.

Sri Namdev Durbar

This is located in the ghoman which is around 10km right from the Sri hargobndpur. It is basically associated with the one who founded the entire town. According to various believed he had meditated at this place for around 17 years. He is known and reminded as the guru who has been a great inspiration for various Sikhs. In various religious inscriptions, his name is mentioned in the 13th century.


This place is perfect for visitors who wanted to give a look at the different edge of the place apart from being religious. It was one of the places that were created by king Akbar. The place was made for the coronation ceremony. It took place in the year 1556 and the age of Akbar at that time was just 13. The one who wants to gather more detailed ideas and information about the history must love visiting such an amazing place. Moreover, it is just 25km away from the main city and that is why it can be visited by anyone without any hassle.

Fish Park

One of the famous and most loved tourist spots is a fish park. In the early days, the spot was used to store as well as sell fishes along with various items related to it. There is even a huge statue of the fish which is located in the middle of the park. It can be the best place for the ones who just want to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and walk in a right way possible.