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Yanam Travel Guide

Yanam is a municipality town located in the district of East Godavari. But is the part of union Territory, Pondicherry. The people living here mostly speak Telugu. It was a French colony for two hundred years and known as French Yanam. The Tuesday market here is familiar among the Telugu people who visited to buy foreign and smuggled goods in January during the French rule. Before the french, it is a Dutch colony. We can find Indigo wells in Yanam today. During the Dutch period, they built a fort to store currency, but the locals call it Saali Kota or Saalivandru, known as the shawl hut. It has associated with Indian history before its independence.

Still, many people living here follow french because it is still an official language here. All the sites and place in the location has its unique blend of French and Telugu culture. As the city is on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, Agriculture, fishing, and tourism are the main occupations of the people living here. Let us see some of the tourist’s spots of this place.

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Best Tourists Places In Yanam

  • Sri Veereswara Swamy Temple
  • Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Hope Island
  • Kakinada Port
  • Draksharama Temple

Sri Veereswara Swamy Temple

It is one of the spiritual sanctums at the top of the hillock in Yanam. Here is the charming place for the followers of Vaishnav Dharma. People believe that the devotees with issues in their marital life, unmarried, get all their issues resolved on visiting this temple. People decorate the temple with beautiful flowers and light settings during festival times. On this occasion, pilgrims and devotees rush up the temple. The temple celebrates all the festivals and poojas with great zeal and entertainment. It gives a patient and peaceful experience to the tourists.

Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

It was located among the deltas of Gouthami and Godavari rivers. The place emerges as one of the largest mangrove sanctuaries of the country. A dense natural forest surrounds the sanctuary giving complete protection to it. It is the house of a wide variety of birds. Many endangered species like crocodiles, otters, turtles and other animals take accommodation here. The lush green atmosphere, along with the bushes thick mangrove vegetation, covers the area. It-dumps a wide variety of different plant species. Pedal boating is available for tourist to enjoy nature. It offers an excellent treat for adventure and animal lovers.

Hope Island

It is a tadpole-shaped small island on the coastline of Yanam. This place serves as the natural heaven for sailors against the gush of wind and splashing of tides. It is one of the incredible natural ports in the region. The alluring blue skies of Yanam culminate in the place with spattering water giving a statuesque ambience. The place offers a beautiful look through its natural look and surrounding flora and fauna. People prefer this place as the place is for silent lovers. Those who require calmness and solitude to mind and soul arrive here. Because this place replenishes and rejuvenates them.

Kakinada Port

This is an intriguing place that you cannot miss in Yaman. It is one of the minor ports in India. The undomesticated location around the place stands as a unique feature of the place. The natural trees and green serene around offers a picturesque environment to the site. This port is one of the heavy load transferer of the city. This becomes the advantage of the town because most of east Andhra Pradesh can use it next to Vishakapattinam. After the French reign, the place got a few changes and more renovations to prove the development. It houses a lot of water sports activities to enhance the tourists. Most tourist love visiting this place to view the ships queuing up to fill the loads and unsound silence of the sea.

Draksharama Temple

It is one of the temples that the tourist can visit during his lifetime. In Tamil month Kartheeka, during December lot of pilgrims visit the temple. This temple houses the fourteen feet high Lord Shiva in the form of two-storied Linga. Here is one of the five panchakarma kshetras of Andhra. It is astonishing to look at the grandeur of the tall gopuram. It offers a holy and divine essence in the devotee’s mind. Many tourists rush to view the admiring execution of the linga that reveals the exclusive architecture of the temple. It offers a serene ambiguity with greenery and abundant plant species surround the environment. This temple is highly associated with history and have its myth.
Other than the natural ambient ports, beaches and adorable temples, there are more to experience in Yanam. Kotipalli Someswar temple, Suryanarayana Swamy temple and Golingeswara swami temple are the other holy places to enhance your opinion on spirituality. Adur excavation site, SRMT Mall and Vivekananda are entertainment tourist zones contrary to the temples. The most important thing is that Andhrapradesh is also a leading cuisine like Tamilnadu. The culture, lifestyle and taste of both the states put you in a grand extravaganza and zeal. Hurry up to enjoy the dual combo in Yanam.