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Karaikal Travel Guide

Karaikal is one of the municipal district in the Union territory, Puducherry. It houses the Thirumalairayanpattinam, Thirunallar, Nedungadu, Kottucherry, Navy and Varichikudy. The sea of this city holds Virasolanar river, Tirumalairajanar, Vikramanar river, Arasalar river and its tributaries. The land here is rich in Alluvium, which makes the soil more fertile.

The town makes Nagapattinam the only district to divide into two parts. It has pride in giving birth to Karaikal Ammaiyar, one of the sixty-three nayanmars of Tamil history. She was also famous as the mother of southern music. A temple was also there in her name in the city. It is one of the districts in the Kaveri river’s delta region.

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Best Tourists Places In Karaikal

  • Karaikal Beach
  • Karaikal Ammaiyar Temple
  • Thirunallar
  • Aayiram Kailiamman Temple
  • Mastan Syed Dawood Dargah

Karaikal Beach

It is one and hour kilometres away from Karaikal railway station. It was located on the river banks of the Arasalar river. Here is the perfect place for entertainment. Silent seekers indeed love the area as it gives solitude and tranquillity to the mind and soul. Through a two-kilometre ride along the river take us to the Beach. It serves adventure lovers with numerous surprises. To enhance the family tourists the beach offers sports like boating, canoeing, kayaking etc. Beach volleyball is the most popular among youngsters. Karaikal beach enchants its tourists with a variety of features. Natural sandy beach with its boat jetty, children’s park, restaurants, tennis court engages the pilgrims. There is a boat club at the side of the beach that houses peddle boats, motorboats and rowing boats. We can see the sunrise and set in the morning and evening, which offers a perfect picture ambience.

Karaikal Ammaiyar Temple

Malaiperumal Pillai built the temple in 1929. Punithavathi is the presiding god of the temple. She is also known as Karaikal Ammaiyar. It houses the massive idol of the Lady saint in the temple and a statue of Vinayakar inside. History says that a lady lived in Karaikal, and her name is Punithavathi. She served Mangoes to Lord Shiva. Praising her devotional attitude, Shiva gifted her grants and established her in the wild jungle of Alangadu. For this, to celebrate her and her devotion to the lord, people, built the temple. An annual festival was celebrated between June and July, known as Mangani Tirunal. People believe that Lord Shiva comes as Bikshadana with his begging bowl during this festival.


It is six kilometres far away from the railway station. The temple houses the special god, Saneeswarar. It is also the Dharbaranyeswara Temple, one of the most popular Sanee temples in India. As a unique feature, the temple has the majestic statue of Marakata linga. History reveals that Great king Nala relieved from the trouble of Saneeswran after worshipping in the temple. Bathing in the Nala theertham here will wash all the kinds of curses and miseries caused by past karmas. Every year, when Saturn transits from one zodiac sign to another zodiac sign, people and tourists rush here. It is the second of Saptha Vidanga Sthalas. The emerald linga here is called Nagavidanga. It stands unique, attracting most pilgrims. The temple celebrates the special poojas and Hindu festival in a grand manner. People believe that this location gives a happy and prosperous life to its visitors.

Aayiram Kailiamman Temple

It is one of the ancient temples of Goddess Kali with a wooden statue of her. According to history, a devotee of a specific Hindu community found the Amman idol in the silver box in the floating sea. An inscription in palm leaf was kept in the box saying that Devotees should worship the Goddess with thousand items daily. Since performing pooja with those items is impossible, the local people worshipped the pooja once in five years. They celebrate the festival for three days between May and June. After that, they keep the idol in the same box till the next festival after five years. The temple is open throughout the year, but the icon is not available for darshan. This unique festival magnetises more pilgrims.

Mastan Syed Dawood Dargah

It is more than one kilometre away from Karaikal Railway Station. It is one of the famous mosques that constitutes the relics of Syed Dawood, a Muslim saint born at Bukhara in Uzbekistan. He arrived here to take spiritual guidance from Halareth Syed Ahmed Kalkhel Diwan Oliulla in Trichy. Staying here for his entire lifetime, he died at the age of hundred twenty years. Kandoori festival is a prominent celebration here. People consider it with great enthusiasm to honour him. During this festival, flowers and other decorative materials adorn the Dargah. Processions, music, dance and different grand zeal of fireworks and crackers mark the celebration.

Apart from all the features of Karikal, the temples of Sri Nithya Kalyana Perumal, Sri parvatheeswarar, Tantondreeswarar, Bhadrakali, Melakasakudy, Thiruvarur make the place more devotional. Nagore Dargah, a significant area of Muslim, offers an extraordinary feast for architectural lovers. Nagapattinam, Chidambaram, Thanjavur, Mayiladuthurai and Kumbakonam are the nearest tourist hub located around Karaikal. During the tour, enjoy all the shattered wealth of Karaikal. As it is a fishing town, it becomes a charming place for non-veg lovers. Also, enjoy fishing and sightseeing in the city. Accompany your camera with yourself to capture the moments to make it memorable.