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Sundargarh Travel Guide

Set amongst the thick green forests, Sundargarh emerges as a safe house roosted amid uneven landscape, surrounded by spouting streams. As you move about the town, the verdant paddy fields in the edges gradually offer an approach to occupied modern factory units, paving the way to the clamouring regions and city roads where its day-by-day schedule unfurls.

The name Sundargarh can be deciphered as a 'beautiful city' in Hindi, which unquestionably satisfies the name. The rich social legacy, decorated by regular artistic expressions and recorded impacts, adds to the magnificence. The town is situated inside a similar term in Odisha, which comprises the two previous regal states, Gangapur and Bonai. Weaving together its lively practices and the dazzling excellence of nature encompassing it, Sundargarh makes sure to charm each traveller. The blessings of nature upon it essentially make Sundargarh a fantastic place to visit for nature lovers. There are a few pleasant sites in and around the city that are worth visiting.

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best tourists places in Sundargarh

  • Vaishno Devi Temple
  • Hanuman Vatika
  • Harishankar Falls
  • Vedvyas Temple

Vaishno Devi Temple

Vaishnodevi Temple at Rourkela is a copy of the first Temple of Vaishnodevi of Jammu (Trikuta Hills). It is built on the highest point of Durgapur Hill, looking towards Rourkela Steel Plant. Bhairabanath Temple is close to Vaishodevi Temple on the slope. In 2007, the Temple of Goddess Durga, situated on the hill's highest point, was opened for guests. During Durga Puja, in the spring and fall seasons, the Navaratri Festival is commended, many Hindu admirers come here.

Hanuman Vatika

Hanuman Vatika was made around 1994 and is situated in Rourkela, in a state in India called OdishaThis nursery was worked for the 75 feet tall Lord Hanuman icon placed inside the premises, subsequently the name Hanuman Vatika. It is the most elevated Lord Hanuman symbol at any point built on the planet. Since different icons and numerous temples are available inside the premises of the Hanuman Vatika and to see the 75 feet tall Lord Hanuman Idol, individuals from other states and the nation over are visiting the park since the time, it was constructed. As the park is being kept up appropriately by the state government, more idol symbols are added. This site has gotten perhaps the most visited vacation destination in Odisha.

Harishankar Falls

This waterfall is acclaimed for being situated in the Gandhamardan slopes and is encircled by nature. The name Harishankar Falls was taken from the Harishankar sanctuary located inside the area of the falls. It is quite possibly the most renowned vacation spot and perhaps the most visited journey site in the province of Odisha. The Harishankar Falls otherwise called the diamond in Rourkela of Sundargarh district. The symbols of two gods are available in the Harishankar sanctuary, Hari alluding to the Lord Vishnu icon and Shankar alluding to the Lord Shiva symbol present in the sanctuary. Numerous enthusiasts from the nation visit the sanctuary every so often and offer their prayers to the lord.

Vedvyas Temple

Consistently, this temple accumulates a large number of tourists from Odisha as well as from other adjoining states like Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. The blessed Vedavyas sanctuary is situated on three streams: Shankh, Koel, and Sarasvati. Every one of them three joins together to frame one waterway, which is called Brahmani. A visit to the heavenly temple isn't simply a picnic rather an understanding of the rich social legacy that the centre eastern nation of India has. Shivratri Mela is the most significant celebration praised in the temple with every one of the spectacular arrangements.