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Rourkela Tourism Travel Guide

Surrounded by the mesmerizing rivers & hills, Rourkela is the planned city for most of the tourists in Odisha. Also, the place is recognized as the industrial capital of the state.

Moreover, the word Rourkela is a combination ‘rour’ means ‘our’ & ‘kela’ means ‘village’ in the native language. The place is primarily acknowledged for the steel plants & industries. And, this beautiful city attracts people for its scenic & man-made wonders. People can find gorges, caves, dams, heritage temples, parks, & markets. There is a lot to visit in Rourkela. We have shortlisted fun-filled & exciting places that you don’t have to miss-

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best tourists places in Rourkela Tourism

  • Khandadhar Falls
  • Hanuman Vatika
  • Darjing
  • Pitamahal Dam
  • Badaghagra Falls

Khandadhar Falls

The place is located on the outskirts of Rourkela in the Nandapani region. It is the major picturesque attraction of the place. Trekking up to Khandadhar Falls is the most thrilling thing to do in the city. At the altitude of 240 m, Khandadhar falls are one of the highest waterfalls in Odisha. The falls are surrounded by dense forests and resemble the edge of a sword. So, named ‘Khandadhar’ is Ideal for nature lovers & peace seekers. Your Odisha trip remains unfinished without visiting Khandadhar Falls – a surreal cascade.

Hanuman Vatika

It is a pleasant garden temple which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This garden is spread across the largest land of 13 acres. And, the specialty of this temple is a huge statue of Lord Hanuman. This statue has a height of approx. 75 feet. The garden also houses a beautiful & large temple complex. This beautiful


Your family picnic at Darjing is an incredible thing to do in Rourkela. The place is situated on the river banks – Brahmani. Darjing is the most popular picturesque spot. The place is for its serenity and attractive charm, it is one of the best romantic places in Rourkela. This place is perfect for couples – the leisure walk is one of the most sought-after things to do in Rourkela.

Pitamahal Dam

The place is situated near Balanda village and approx. 22.3 km away from Rourkela city. The dam has a maximum height of 25.96 m. Among various picnic spots in & around Rourkela, Pitamahal Dam is a noticeable one. Visitors making a trip to the dam are mesmerized by the scenery of the place. The natural beauty of surrounding areas & the cool water of dam provides relaxation to mind & body in today’s busy world.

Badaghagra Falls

If you are a trekking enthusiast & wondering what to do in Rourkela, enjoy a trek up to Badaghagra Falls. The place is an offbeat yet extremely beautiful waterfall in the Kendujhar district. The place attracts tourists through its scenic and serenity aura. Plunging from the height of 200 feet, the falls are the perfect place for a fun-filled day picnic. People who are planning to trek, don’t miss your trekking as the trail is quite undulating.