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Malkangiri Travel Guide

Without no doubts, our history has given us a lot of places that we can explore. From adding the sight to the historical places and mythological importance we can know what importance is held by each city or state.

In the year 1992 2nd October the place was announced as a separate district. But before that time, the city was completely part of the Malkangiri district. This city is even known as the district headquarters. As time changes, this place has become the new hub for the refugees that are making their visit to bangladesh. Bonda tribe is the vulnerable tribe that is present here. There is a power generation station at balimela. Some of the places that can be visited in malkangiri are:

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best tourists places in Malkangiri

  • Balimela Dam
  • Ammakunda
  • Satiguda Dam
  • Bhairavi Temple

Balimela Dam

This dam is located in the district of malkangiri. It is around 35 km right from the east. The project of hydroelectric power is started by the government of Odisha along with Andhra Pradesh. It is contracted at the place in chitrakonda which is 25km away right from balimela. Moreover, the inflow is been shared between the two different governments so that it can be maintained.


It is one of the attractive tourist attraction which is in the malkangiri district. It is located just near 70mkm of the khoirput block. It is one of the best places where you can know more about nature and enjoy the place peacefully without any hassle. From eye-catchy waterfalls to the natural beauty you can look for the best and all that you can just by visiting one place. There is a gorge in a place which is believed that was found by the lord Vishnu in matsay avatar.

Satiguda Dam

This amazing dam is just 8 km away from the town. This reservoir help in offering up with the irrigation support so that cultivation on the land can be done without any hassle. The beauty of the dam is mesmerising so that anyone can just sit and see the beauty of nature all the time. It is believed that there was a cave where lord shiva used to worship near to the dam.

Bhairavi Temple

3 km is the only distance of this temple from the district. Deity hill is being worshipped by the people who are visiting from jeypore for their safe journey. There are many religious visitors who specially visit such a place because it is their most reliable place to visit.