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Koraput Travel Guide

One of the most amazing districts of Odisha in Koraput. It is the finest tourist destination that provides beautiful sight seeing for the holiday. From mountains to hills, waterfalls along with the thick forest you can see at one place. There are many areas that can be covered for the ones who like to travel to different places, but Koraput is your forever love destination.

The tribal community is considered the most amazing attraction of the koraput where there are various traditional places. Traveling to such an amazing place gives you peace with better support which is why a person is suggested to travel in such a place so that a person can enjoy and have a wonderful trip all the time, may it be day or night. From temples to various beautiful places, you can look for the most amazing eye-catching places with amazing views. If one wishes to spend the splendid holiday by adding the support of natural peace Koraput is considered to be as the one stop destination which one should not miss.

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best tourists places in Koraput

  • Kiriburu
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Tribal Museum
  • Balda Cave
  • Onukudelli


One of the most amazing and eye-catching beauty of Kiriburu is going to keep you mesmerized all the time. The place carries up the deep forest of the Saranda along with the iron-ore mines. It is one of the most popular spots for the ones who would consider nature as the perfect beauty all the time. For relaxation purposes it is the perfect spot that one should choose for mind relaxation.

Jagannath Temple

This place is located near the Koraput along with the tribal museum which is one of the most ancient temples located in Orissa. One can get to the temple by road with the help of a bus from Visakhapatnam or can even choose a train. One of the hills on which the temple stands is known as Sabara srikhsetra.

Tribal Museum

This place is located just behind the temples in Koraput. It has a wide variety of costumes together with clothes that are handwoven. Even if one is in love with musical instruments, then they can look for different instruments in it.

Balda Cave

It is one of the best and sought-after places which is located around 66Km just from Koraput. It is located in an amazing mountain that would not be missed by any individual at any cost. The reservoir situated in this place leaves up the breathtaking design all the time. donger dei is the place which is used for worship in the chaitra month.


It is located just around 3 Km away from the waterfall duduma. The small village is named onukudelli. It has been amazing in gathering the attention of the tourists. The ones looking for amazing sight seeing can opt for this place without any hassle.