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Konark Travel Guide

Konark is one of the best places to visit in the state of Odisha especially when you are planning a religious trip.

The city is famous in all around the world for the beautiful Sun temple located here. The rich culture and festivals of the place is what something worth to know about. The city is also blessed with beautiful sandy beaches and many architectural marvels found here which makes your trip much more memorable. The famous art forms you witness here is truly alluring and here are the top best 4 places found here which you surely do not want to miss.

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best tourists places in Konark

  • The Chandrabhaga Beach
  • The Sun Temple
  • The ASI Museum
  • The Astaranga beach

The Chandrabhaga Beach

Located very close to the beautiful Sun temple this beach is highly attracting many tourists for years now. This is the exact place where the beautiful river of Chandrabhaga meets the sea and its serves totally awe-striking scenery for sure. The beach is usually crowded during the sunset and the sunrise period as the view at that time the beach is surely the best scenic place in the city. There are many local shops which you can explore near the beach and the crystal-clear water will be surely amazing to watch at. Several cultural festivals and huge fairs are held here and thus beach is also highly visited by pilgrims.

The Sun Temple

Being a very renowned UNESCO World Heritage site the beautiful temple is constructed as a huge chariot of the Sun God. The depictions of the temples structure are like a huge chariot getting pulled by seven horses. The sacred shrine is dedicated to the Sun God and there are three deities here. There is also a museum located within the temple’s complex. Every February, the famous Konark Dance festival is conducted here which highly attracts many tourists to the temple. The Sun Temple has been standing string for about 2 thousand years and is truly and architectural wonder.

The ASI Museum

The famous tourist spots visited by many tourists who wat to know much about the city in detail. The museum is very closely located to the famous beautiful destination of Sun temple and many priceless artifacts are found here. The museum houses some unique artifacts which gives you a glimpse of the rich Oriyan art forms and many paintings and ancient antiques are also found here. There are around 250 different kinds of antiques which were found in Sun Temple. Now they reside in the museum and are truly jaw-dropping which shoes the rich history of the region.

The Astaranga beach

The term Astaranga defines colourful sunset and the beach is truly a scenic spot during the sunsets. The soft sand touching your feet, glittery water and waves in front of your, and the sunset is all you need to make your trip complete. The beach is considered to eb one of the famous beaches found in the state of Orissa and indeed it serves many picturesque views.