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Kandhamal Travel Guide

Kandhamal is the district of Odisha that has many tourist places to enjoy and make the most out of. The adorned beauty of nature, along with the inhabited tribes, is what will be the most attractive for people visiting here.

The place helps showcase the vast plantation of the coffee, which has been crept with the mountain top, known as daringbadi. Kandhamal has various tourist places along with hotspots that have numerous tourist attractions. The flanked sites have been enthusiastic in offering the best support to the visitors to make the best with the different interests. From September to May is considered as the best time when an individual can visit Kandhamal. Some of the top 5 places that each individual can enjoy are:

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best tourists places in Kandhamal

  • Ludu Waterfall
  • Putudi Waterfall
  • Kalinga Ghati
  • Phulbani

Ludu Waterfall

This waterfall is situated around 165km from the phulbani. It is right inside the Kotagarh sanctuary, which is near various other minor falls. The waterfall has an eye-catching atmosphere where it is just surrounded by rocky hills together with support. At times the drive to such a place might be hectic, but once reached will sway off all, and one would feel exquisite after having a glance at such a perfect place.

Putudi Waterfall

From Phulbani, this waterfall is around 15 km away. It is located in the headquarters of Kandhamal. A thick forest with the barren rock of the mountain along with a waterfall from 100m height must be amidst each individual. Secluded from city life or the bustle, you can listen to nature and its sound together.

Kalinga Ghati

This place has been famous for its roads that are zig-zag in nature. The streets are designed so that they can spiral on the high hills just like the serpentine, along with offering the enchanting experience for the ones who are taking up the drive from her to another place. For all the tourists, Kalinga roads will be considered to be the destination. Grabbed with the dense gardens together with the rocky hills is what one will love about this place. Several medicinal plants in Kalinga add up remarkable recovery against various or any diseases without any hassle.


The administrative headquarter of Kandhamal is phulbani. The place is best in providing up the versatile range of fauna and flora along with its virgin towering mountain and forest. The lust for greenery will add great support for the tourists so that they can have the best from their trip. The place has various small shrines along with giant waterfalls. The drive to this place is enthralling because of the bumpy roads surrounding the rocky hills and dense trees.