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Jharsuguda Travel Guide

The astounding city of Jharsuguda and is popular industrial hub which ranks high in tourism too.

The city is blessed with many amazing tourist spots to visit and the best thing about the city is the number of sightseeing places and religious sites found here. Jharsuguda has often been referred as Little India. Well as the city is shows a huge diversity of culture found here. Many tend to fall in love with the rich cultures explored here and along with that here are the 4plaecs that will make you addicted to the city for sure.

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best tourists places in Jharsuguda

  • The Koilighughar waterfal
  • The Ulapgarg Hill Fort
  • The Chandi Mandir
  • The Vikramkhol cave painting

The Koilighughar waterfal

The astounding waterfalls is a beautiful place for tourists and it tends to attract many nature lovers. Tourists from all around the globe whenever visit the city never forget to visit this beautiful picnic spot. Surely it covers many picturesque landscapes to its visitors and so covered with dense forests. The greenery filled lands and huge gush of clean eater stream falling here is to allow that makes this place so attractive.

The Ulapgarg Hill Fort

The most astounding monument found in the city is this for which is present is form of ruins but still succeeds in winning your heart. The astounding fort is surrounded with picturesque landscapes which make it so amazing. It is located near to the village named Ulap and you would truly love exploring it. Also, for people who love nature will love the beautiful environment of the fort. The hill on which the fort is constructed is known as Maheswar Pahad and it is believed that the royalties belonging to Naja dynasty lived in the fort.

The Chandi Mandir

The sacred shrine is one of the most visited temples it he city and is known for its astounding architecture. The alluring temple is dedicated to the Goddess Chandi. The Chandipitha is located inside a natural rock cave and the religious site is situated on the banks of river IB. Tourists will have to climb the stairs to visit the temple and to worship the scared Goddess. The temple serves some of the best locations that you will get to watch from the top and surely it is jaw-dropping.

The Vikramkhol cave painting

The rocks in the cave are very famous and it makes this place so famous. The cave painting is close to the village named Banjari and is surrounded with lush greenery making he place very famous. The astounding picturesque landscape was a place where the ancient people lived and the carvings and paintings found here are made by them. The caves will have many holes which used to eb a storage place where the ancient people kept the food grains. You will find many scripts and carvings on the cave which gives glimpse of ancient olden history.